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JoelS 08-09-13 06:48 PM

NorCal East, Sunday rides.
Well, my Sunday ride series continues. My endurance is slowly building, and I'm riding faster now post crash then before. Go figure? This Sunday is around 45mi from Folsom Bike, rolling around 8:15-8:30 (pending when I finish a cup of coffee). For a longer ride, I'm rolling from home at 7.

As always, you're all welcome. Current pace on flats is around 18-19. Slower going up, of course. We regroup at hill tops for those that keep up on the flats.

Helmet required, etc. Ya'll know the drill.

Rides are every Sunday, whether I post or not. If anyone ever wants some details, let me know. Also, if anyone wants to come up on Saturday afternoon, join us for dinner, and avail themselves of the futon or air mattress, you're more than welcome. I put on a good feed on Saturday night. But you have to like dogs (got 2, one likely bigger than you are, except for our resident lawyer :-p ), and be willing to put up with the kids.

Hope some of you will come out this way. If you provide enough notice, I can arrange for some of my favorite loops, though not until it cools down a bit more (Southern exposure is an issue for me).

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