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softreset 10-22-13 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by DiabloScott (Post 16179740)
Nice of the organizers to arrange for the free professional photography guys... but if it takes three days to get the photos posted that's kind of lame.

Heh, TourDeFuzz took almost three weeks and wanted upwards of $40 to download a photo otherwise the free ones were plastered with a massive watermark. Three days, free and a non-invasive watermark is pretty respectable.

DiabloScott 10-22-13 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by softreset (Post 16181462)
Three days, free and a non-invasive watermark is pretty respectable.

Indeed. No watermark at all.

blt 10-22-13 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by cccorlew (Post 16176212)
Great day!
I rode OK, shot well, and here's my blog post, with photos and a RANT.

Nice report, nice rant. I often surprise people when I tell them that other cyclists scare me more than cars. Other cyclists and squirrels (and other fast unpredictable small animals) come ahead of cars in terms of how much they scare me. And I'd feel less scared of cars if there weren't so many cyclists out there who encourage drivers to hate us. Sigh.

LtDan 11-26-13 10:46 PM

After some 20 plus year away from cycling I got back to it. After 2 months of riding I decided I might like to do Foxy's Fall Century again as I have 9 patches from previous Foxy's. I was shocked to see the entries were closed......Oh well it's a great ride with great support I will be there next year...

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