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cthenn 08-22-13 08:24 PM

Shards of glass all over Danville Blvd
Anyone else ride Danville Blvd in the last few days? Yesterday on the way to the mountain (SG), I was riding southbound down Danville Blvd, and from about Castle Hill all the way to almost El Cerro, there are large stretches of road with shards of glass all over the bike lane. It seems very fishy to me, not only because it goes for literally miles, but there is almost no glass anywhere else on the road. To me, it looks like someone did it on purpose, as if they had a bag of broken glass (it looks like tempered glass shards) and randomly tossed handfuls of it out all the way down the road. I escaped with only a small but deep cut to the surface of the tire, no puncture. If this was an attempt to get cyclists off the road, it's only going to backfire, because I simply take the lane when I need to. I called CCCo Public Works Maintenance to have them send out a sweeper, but I don't know if they give a crap about one whiny cyclist. If anyone else has encountered this and wants to report it, their number is 925-313-7000.

FrenchFit 08-22-13 08:33 PM

Good to know, thanks. Glad you reported it.

SkyeC 08-22-13 10:38 PM

Probably just a busted tempered glass spill from a truck driving down the road. That stuff gets everywhere.

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