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Getting back in 08-26-13 01:17 PM

Recommend a bike repair shop?
Hi All,

I am getting back into road biking again after a long depature since graduating college (where all the years go). I have a Peugeot (531 Reynolds Aluminum frame) road bike with Campagnolo Athena (non-STI, old school friction gear shifter). It has been sitting in the garage for nearly 10 years (in really good shape with no rust, etc.) and now I am looking for a great bike store to take it to tune it up, any recommendation?

I thought about taking the bike to Mike’s Bike, Performance or even REI to tune it up but I am not sure if they know how to work on older bikes. Also, I am sure that I need to replace the chain, gear/shifter cables, get new tires, have the wheels trued and perhaps have the headset repacked.

Any recommendation on things that I need to have done to get the bike road ready again?

Thanks in advance,
PS I live in Walnut Creek

caloso 08-26-13 01:23 PM

No experience with the WC Mike's but the Sacramento shop is great and has no problem with older bikes like yours. I would definitely choose them over Performance or REI.

anotherbrian 08-26-13 08:28 PM

Reynolds 531 isn't aluminum, but that shouldn't matter.

Any shop should be able to do what you need. Only thing I'd worry about being done properly (that could cause damage if it wasn't) would be tightening a threaded headset (or wheel bearings), and you should be able to figure that out before you leave the shop.

bikingshearer 08-27-13 05:02 PM

Three places I can recommend based on personal experience, in order of how close they are to you:

1) Sharp Bicycle in Lafayette.
2) Dublin Cyclery in Dublin.
3) Livermore Cylery in Livermore (not the one in Dublin).

In terms of overall quality, I would rank them in the reverse order, but the difference is small for all but the most serious, involved stuff -- they all have good, experienced mechanics who will do right by you and your ride, and you won't go wrong with any of them.

I would absolutely trust any of them over a Performance or REI - the turnover you have at such places means you may or may not get a mechanic that knows how to handle your needs. I know nothing about Mike's and how they handle repairs/maintenance work, so I can't say anything good or bad about them.

Welcome back to cycling. As you likely already know, you live in a tremendous place for it.

DiabloScott 08-27-13 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Getting back in (Post 16000863)
Also, I am sure that I need to replace the chain, gear/shifter cables, get new tires, have the wheels trued and perhaps have the headset repacked.

PS I live in Walnut Creek

None of that stuff will be difficult for a decent mechanic; possible funky headset and stem size on a Pugeot... possible even funkier bottom bracket threads. Probably better off buying tires on-line.

I suggest Big Dave's Bike Shop in Pleasant Hill right next to the bike trail. Dave worked as a mechanic at a popular bike shop in Walnut Creek for 30 years (including on my bikes), and just recently opened his own place so he's eager to please.

Mike's Bikes will probably snub you, Performance will probably sell you crappy stuff. REI is a nice place but I don't know about their mechanics.

Getting back in 09-05-13 09:16 PM

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Thank you all for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it. I am looking forward to having my "vintage" bike tuned up and take it on a long ride.

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