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Lanceoldstrong 09-04-13 10:41 PM

Lee Mitchell, an Ultra Cycling Legend and a Friend to Many
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From Chuck Bramwell, founder California Triple Crown:

"It is with a very heavy heart that I write to tell you that Lee Mitchell passed away Saturday from the cancer he had been battling.

Lee was one in a million. I will miss my good friend who helped me and thousands of cyclists in so many ways. I will miss hearing the fun music from his Red BIKE VAN and looking back to see his smiling face.

I know you will as well.

Barbara Anderson, the President of the Davis Bike Club, wrote in an e-mail on the Davis Bike club list this afternoon:

Lee Mitchell, a dedicated and devoted friend and supporter of cyclists everywhere, but especially of the Davis Bike Club, died this morning.

Lee will be remembered for his unfailing smile, his signature "Santa Claus" look, his never-changing wardrobe, and his red mini-van blasting music to get you over that next hill. Most of all, we'll remember him for his unfailing SAG support, his generosity of spirit, and his single-minded concern for the safety of cyclists on the road.

I understand plans for a memorial service are pending but no definite date is yet set. As I learn more, I will pass it on.

Our heartfelt condolences to Lee's wife, Shirley, to his family, and to all those who counted him among our friends.

Barbara Anderson

President, Davis Bike Club"

Please share your memories on Lee's Fan Club Page at

hamster 09-04-13 11:07 PM

I think I borrowed a headlight from him at last year's Death Valley Fall Double...

SesameCrunch 09-11-13 01:46 PM

Ugh. Sorry to hear this. I was one of the many, many beneficiaries of his SAG services. He was a legend.

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