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ArizonaAdam 09-06-13 10:59 AM

Have a day, renting a bicycle. Advice? (San Francisco, CA)
I'm flying in Tuesday morning (9/10) for a meeting on Wednesday morning. I'm staying at the Cornel De France near Powell and Bush.

Tuesday will have enough flexibility that I plan to rent a bike at the Ferry Building around 10am, and ride up to and over the Golden Gate Bridge, then back and around Golden Gate Park, grab lunch somewhere, etc. Then hit a few local bike shops on the way back.

I'm an experienced cyclist, including commuting in traffic several times a week in Las Vegas. I can do 40 -50 miles without too much effort on a weekend ride and hills don't bother me. I'll have GPS directions from place to place.

Any major problems with my plan? Any suggestions, ideas, resources? HOW SHOULD I DRESS? I'm thinking shorts and a packable jacket or a sweatshirt.

The bike shops I'm considering are Huckelberry, Valencia, Box Dog, and Pedal Revolution. Not sure if I can make it to all of them.


yochris 09-06-13 01:29 PM

Not sure what kind of bikes they rent at the Ferry Building, but they might just be your standard rental hybrid bikes which I have never ridden, but don't look that fun for an experienced cyclist. Might want to look into renting a proper road bike if that is your thing. I know Blazing Saddles has a shop with road bike rentals somewhere in north beach but don't recall where.

Citizen Chain is another cool shop if you have any interest in vintage bike ephemera and classic steel frames.

Weather can be tricky indeed around here, but you are coming in the beginning of our summer. Best advice is to dress in layers an be prepared for anything from 55 and foggy to clear skies and 75. Hopefully you get the latter.

Leinster 09-06-13 03:37 PM

The climb up to the bridge from the City side is quite steep, and remember to have something warm to wear while crossing it. Other than that, your plan sounds fine.

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