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genejockey 09-06-13 11:00 PM

Attention Peninsulans!
I rode through Woodside this afternoon, and on Kings Mountain, starting at Manuella, the road has been shredded for repaving. This was 6:00 PM on Friday, so I very much doubt it will be repaved by Sunday, so be aware. There's at least a 2 inch drop off at the end of the de-paving. The same thing is true on Glenwood at Canada, and I don't know where else.

SClaraPokeman 09-07-13 10:32 AM

Perhaps the repaving goes from Manuella past Tripp to at least the King's-Entrance Way "Y" intersection (the Stop sign on the King's descent).

This sounds good to me, I was feeling that descending the straight part of King's from the stop sign to about Manuella was getting pretty hazardous and demanded a whole lot of attention. I just hope Cal Trans isn't involved in this repaving, haha.

genejockey 09-16-13 11:34 AM

The de-paved areas have been re-paved, though the end of the re-paced stretch at the uphill end on Kings Mountain has a very noticeable dropoff.

HOWEVER, on yesterday's ride I witnessed a one-cyclist crash caused by the deteriorating condition of the shoulder on northbound Canada Road right past the stop sign at Jefferson. Some poor young woman was trying to move more to the left, and her front wheel caught on the lip of the crack, and down she went. So, be careful out there!!!

SClaraPokeman 09-16-13 01:36 PM

The area of repairs starting at Manuella only goes no more than about 1/4 mile, it's very nice, but my hope really is that the new payment will eventually (and soon) be extended all the way to the stop sign. It's tough for me to be rolling nearly 30 mph toward Tripp with one eye watching for left turning traffic and another eye on the fissures in the payment. I consider this pavement very dicey and I hope no one gets hurt on it.

genejockey 09-16-13 01:42 PM

I noticed how bad it was a couple weeks ago. I took Tripp off of 84 and turned right at Kings - Yeesh! Dicey is right, especially at the speeds you'd be going coming down from the stop sign. I imagine it's much the same between the stop sign and Tripp?

UmneyDurak 09-16-13 03:48 PM

Spent two hours doing intervals on kings on Saturday, up, down, up, down. Didn't notice any issues....

SClaraPokeman 09-16-13 11:54 PM

I consider the stretch between the King's stop sign and Tripp as the most hazardous part of the whole descent because of potential left turning autos (and some bicyclists) from King's onto Tripp. While most rides one won't encounter this situation, it is unnerving to me to see west bound traffic approaching Tripp because I feel very vulnerable. This is on my mind because I was almost taken out by a left turning bicycle in March. People heading west on King's near Tripp probably don't expect bikes going well in excess of 25 mph as they frequently do in this section.

Coupled with the patchwork quality of the pavement (I'm always struggling to pick the best line through this) it is always a relief for me to get safely past Tripp if there is noticeable west bound traffic. The new pavement Genejockey wrote of is quite nice and a rather large pothole that could have easily downed a bicyclist was in fact covered up which is great. But I really hope the plan is to repave from Manuella to the stop sign--the road can really use it in my view.

BTW, Umney, I hope you consider a headlight on your interval training, esp. if it's being done in the late morning. It was pretty hard for me to pickup descending cyclists during my noon time ascent yesterday. I believe it's probably hard for an auto to see descending cyclists also. I saw several riders wearing black jerseys and jackets yesterday which I believe are a really bad idea on King's.

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