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SeanBlader 11-09-13 09:57 AM

Passed by speeding cars on Hwy 9 descent
So I was easily doing 5 over the speed limit most of the descent and at the point where it was straight probably faster, some pickup passes me over the double yellow, and I'm thinking wow, he's probably double the speed limit there. And then some dude in a Subaru goes by with passenger window down yelling something in an unfriendly tone, like I was doing something wrong. I couldn't even tell what he said over the wind noise, but 5 minutes later they were still in my sights until we passed Saratoga Springs and it started to flatten out and I lost them.

It's discouraging that so few people on the road know the laws, especially for someone who would be coming down Hwy 9 at 7am on a Saturday. Makes me glad I can use the MUP's when I commute to work.

VNA 11-09-13 11:24 AM

It is amazing what one does behind a steering wheel!

Can be scary and unfortunately deadly at time!

SClaraPokeman 11-09-13 11:56 AM

I like the HW9 descent a lot when there are no trailing cars but hate it when there is traffic behind me. I probably ride in more aggresively than I otherwise would in attempt to stay in front of traffic-- by pushing up my speed the upper section of the road to to about high 30s (or low-mid 40s if there's a not unusual tailwind) going into the turns (and there are really no safe passing oppurtunities the first two miles--not until a long straight section one mile above Redwood Gulch).

Below Redwood Gulch the road gets straighter and while one can easily glide at 35-40 mph cars are going want to go 50 mph (even though the posted limit is 30 mph).

In addition to the Redwood Gulch T intersection (where Jan Lipsom died a few years back) watch that Savannah Winey turnoff--I almost got left crossed there by a pickup in '09. The turnoff off for the Sanborn Park also makes me wary--even if speeds are reduced there.

Lastly, the unfortunate truth for cyclists is that cars are faster at descending now than in 1985 (when I started to ride this road) when it wasn't that difficult to stay ahead of almost all traffic. Like HW84, I really try to pick times when I think traffic will be reduced--sometimes I get lucky and experience no cars.

bruin11 11-09-13 12:04 PM

Repeat after me. See bike must pass, see bike must pass.

Unfortunately that is the mentality.

fietsbob 11-10-13 02:17 PM

what no right hook right in front of you? it will happen , just wait .. brakes super good?

genejockey 11-11-13 09:47 AM

I lucked out yesterday. Descending 84 from Skylonda there was ONE car that came up behind me, and waited patiently till we hit one of the few straight, wide sections where I braked and swung over to the shoulder to let him by. That was good because I'm relearning descending after not riding hills much for a few years (should have seen me the first time down 84 two months ago - 3 miles of terror!)

But, before that, climbing up from the bottom of West OLH, I saw and heard one jerk horning on a couple descenders who were taking the lane, through what's usually a 35 mph section for me (out of the Redwoods, the curves with the Eucalyptus. I'd have been pissed if I were those riders.

Brodie01 12-22-13 08:57 PM

It is possible that the same road that bikes like to descend is the same road that cars like to hot rod on. Of course they are going over the speed limit. No matter what I am driving or riding (including my motorcycles) if someone comes up from behind I try to let them by.

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