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john.b 11-18-13 07:58 PM

Does the movie explain why Alberto Contador is allowed to race again after sitting out just one year?

bikingshearer 11-20-13 11:48 AM

Saw it yesterday. It's pretty well done and worth seeing if you aren't already sick to death of the subject. It isn't going to change any minds, but it does a good job of pulling together a lot of info that I had heard in dribs and drabs before. The interviews with Armstrong and with others, especially Hincapie, are interesting.

SClaraPokeman 11-21-13 01:21 AM

The thing that's so unbelievable to me that if he'd stayed retired after 2005, none of this would have come to light. Some people just can't quit when they're ahead--a lesson not to get too greedy.

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