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Roadrash3 12-22-13 09:50 PM

Where can you park near south gate. Can you park at Athenian school, always worried about getting cited or towed. Curious, as I live in Livermore, with death ride coming up, i wanna start doing repeats and time is short, so i would like to drive over then ride. I have parked at that park in ride on Sycamore Rd, however, they just wastes time commuting over to diablo.

spdntrxi 12-22-13 09:58 PM

welch creek is rough.. glad it short

Lanceoldstrong 12-23-13 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Roadrash3 (Post 16352389)
Where can you park near south gate. Can you park at Athenian school?...

There is no problem parking at Athenian School, if it is a weekend, a holiday, or a school vacation time.
The rare exception is a weekend when they have a big function and need the parking lot for the school.

DiabloScott 12-23-13 12:46 PM

To the tune of "Oh Canada!"

Oh Diablo!
Our mountain made of chert
Hamilton and Tam - are ugly mounds of dirt
From Walnut Creek in the East Bay our riders climb your face
From Danville on the Easy Side for great rides it's second place.
From the south or west
- all cyclists know
Oh Diablo there is no Mount but Thee
Oh Diablo there is no MOUNT BUT THEE !

In case you need a little help with the melody:

cthenn 12-24-13 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by Harun (Post 16351592)
For most riders in decent shape and with enough gears, most gradients < 8-9% do not seem 'hard' unless you really push yourself,

I was unaware there was another way to climb :thumb:

lhbernhardt 12-24-13 03:08 PM

I'm surprised any American even knows the melody of O Canada!

Being a naturalized Canadian (and dual US/Canadian citizen), I made it a point to learn O Canada in French (it was originally written in French by Calixa Lavillee), which is the language I normally sing it in. It actually sounds better in French, in my opinion, unless I'm the one singing it! The quintessential rendering of O Canada was performed back in the 70's before each Montreal Canadiens hockey game at the Forum, sung by Roger Doucette and accompanied by the big Hammond organ. He'd sing the first part in French, and then he'd break into English at the "God keep our land - glorious and free, O Canada we stand on guard for thee" part.

Anyway, it's way easier to sing than The Star-Spangled Banner. Besides, I've always thought "America the Beautiful" was a much more beautiful tune, without the bellicose lyrics, and should have become the US national anthem. Especially the way Ray Charles would sing it. The melody of The SSB was originally an Irish drinking song, as I recall... America the Beautiful was written in Colorado Springs, as the author (Katherine Lee Bates) was reflecting on her view of the Great Plains from atop Pike's Peak.


DiabloScott 12-29-13 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by lhbernhardt (Post 16288773)
Thanks for the info. My wife and I will be in Concord for a couple of days between Christmas & New Years, and Mt. Diablo is on the list.

Hey - you made The Pumpkincycle blog - how did you get mixed up with Jay and his posse?

edit - not the blog (yet), just a Strava post... Pinehurst, Bears, and Pig Farm... chapeau.

acdronin 01-28-14 11:50 PM

I think Northgate suits me well, tried it for the first time. I like how it meanders upwards for a couple of miles then takes off. Only to the junction for now, 40lbs on rat traps the summit will come in time. I'm glad I'm doing Northgate first. It will make all the other peaks in the bay area more fun down the line.

woodcraft 03-16-14 11:25 PM

While it's been many years since I rode up Hamilton (snow on the summit!), and I've yet to ride up Diablo,

The climb from Fairfax to Mt Tam is pretty awesome. Lakes, osprey, redwoods, little traffic, views of the Farallons, and view of the golden gate/city from the summit. You can get as much workout as you want, too.

I don't think it beats the view of Half Dome and yosemite valley that you can get on a clear winter day from Diablo, and while I live in Fairfax, I don't think I'm totally biased,

you won't be sorry if you check it out.

(Mill Valley side= more traffic. Post ride beers at Gestalt Haus or Iron Springs Pub in Fairfax)

For bonus climbing, don't miss the far end of Bolinas/Fairfax Rd.- a steady 1600' in 4+ miles.

Bike94965 04-16-14 12:45 PM

King Ridge in Santa Rosa and Tunitas Creek out of Palo Alto. Lots of good climbs in and around Tahoe as well.

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