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Lanceoldstrong 12-20-13 01:08 PM

New Cat. 6 Racing Move Called “Look at The Turkeys”
The other day I was heading up Mt. Diablo to the summit.
Just below The Ranches I mentally did the math and knew I would easily
make my intermediate goal to The Junction.
I was realizing I would make my Junction goal with a minute or so to spare at my current pace.
Right then I got passed by a guy I had not even realized was there.
I had unknowingly slowed down the legs while my brain had sped up to do my time calculations.
I was a bit embarrassed at having been the victim of a catch.
With that, I sped up to latch on the guy’s wheel like a barnacle.
The strategy was to hold his wheel until I blew up, assuming he was a better climber.

It turned out he was planning on using classic Cat. 6 tactics.
He must have marked me for a while and sped up to near his red line limit to catch me.
The standard tactic is to hold the “at the limit pace” for 2 switchbacks and then collapse over the bars, heaving for air.
The 2 switchbacks are enough cushion that the rider just passed won’t see you fade.

Latching on to his wheel turned out to be no difficulty, he was a good bit
below my normal climbing Diablo pace.
He was now in a spot of bother. He could not get the classic 2 switchbacks ahead and then fade.
Not with me on his wheel.
At the magic 2 switchback point he pulled over and dismounted. He stood and pointed into a clearing between two clumps of oaks.
Then he said, “Hey look, those are turkeys!”
I went by him and was soon seeing him 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 switchbacks below and behind me as I resumed climbing at my normal pace.

This is an instant new classic Cat. 6 Move.
I am not buying for a second that turkeys in the woods were a novelty to him, or any cyclist around here.
A “Look at the turkeys” dismount gave him a cover for the 2 switchback fade he needed badly right then.

P.S. I made my Junction goal with 3 minutes to spare.

DiabloScott 12-20-13 01:37 PM

Not a good idea to pass someone you can't stay in front of unless you're doing intervals... and then it should be obvious when you're in-between efforts.

"Look at the turkeys" is a new spin on "my brake is rubbing"... might've been acceptable if he pulled out a camera.

Being passed by someone you didn't know was there is a Diablo Foul... good thing you weren't singing.

longbeachgary 12-20-13 01:52 PM

There sure were a lot of turkeys out that day....

bikingshearer 12-20-13 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by longbeachgary (Post 16346750)
There sure were a lot of turkeys out that day....


cccorlew 12-20-13 06:16 PM

So, it's turkeys now, is it???

Last year, or even longer ago, I was riding with famed Cat 6 racer Oldstrong when, nearing the top of Pig Farm Hill in Martinez he tilted his head to the right to point out the deer climbing the nearby hill.

Of course, when I looked he pounced and took the hill.

So I waited...

Later, near the top of Upper Happy Valley when we were both killing ourselves I knew I had to retaliate.
Now remember, I'm getting toasted, and my brain isn't working exactly as it should be.

So I at up a bit

I pointed at down the hill, into the brush.

And in my most amazed tone of surprised voice shouted:


Oldstrong looked and I dropped his sorry deer-pointing-out self like a... a ... thing that gets dropped.

Maybe we should be in Cat 7 as Cat 6 is likely too classy for us.

*There are no ocelots in California. None.

UmneyDurak 12-20-13 08:12 PM

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garciawork 12-21-13 02:40 PM

I knew I shoulda climbed Diablo yesterday... I love Turkey's...

cthenn 12-23-13 12:37 PM

Couple of weeks ago I passed two dudes in Rock City (the flat 'n fast part) and I guess I flew by them faster than was acceptable to them, so the chase was on. A few moments later they come roaring around me on that uber hard 1-2% pitch, when they were just soft pedaling earlier when I passed them. got me a little excited, so I picked up the pace a little bit, and a few turns later, first guy was done. Went around him very easily, but the second guy "won" because he made it to the Curry Point parking lot and pulled off before I could pass him again, gasping and enjoying his victory in the 35 second Cat 6 race. I guess I learned my lesson!

I am always conflicted when I read these stories, because I see both sides. On the one hand, so what if you got passed? If you were going up to the summit, why did you feel the need to latch onto his wheel until you blew up? If the guy actually was a better climber, then you would have blown up way down by the ranches for no reason. On the other hand, I know that feel bro, when you get caught by someone it's in our nature to want to catch up or hold on or test our fitness, whatever. And when I'm the one doing the passing, I always wonder if the guy behind is going to try and hold on to me for a while. I've been riding long enough and I'm smart enough to ride below my limit and not blow up once I pass someone (thereby having to pull some "look at the turkeys" bullcrap LOL!). And if it's a fair ways up the mountain, most people have found the rhythm they can ride at, and can't up their pace to match someone who passes them (at least not for very long). Normally, if I get passed, I try to follow at a distance, then I get a gauge on whether they are a TurkeyBro, or are actually more fit than me. Usually I can tell, just by someone's build.

I don't know, these are always weird with me because we all do the same thing. I will admit though, that if someone passed me and then blew up (or vice versa, I pass someone and they try to hold on then subsequently blow up), I get a chuckle out of it. It seems to happen a lot on Diablo. There's one guy on my usual ride who I never look forward to seeing because I know it's always a race once we make contact.

c0lnago 12-23-13 05:58 PM

I have never given this much thought to passing or being passed. *shrug*

UmneyDurak 12-24-13 01:52 AM

So there I was climbing Kings on Sunday. About 1km in catch a guy and pass him. He then hangs back few feet back until 1k to the top where he takes off. At which point.... I just continued at my pace, go to the top and continued up sky line. :lol:

bikingshearer 12-24-13 12:47 PM

This thread is further evidence that testosterone is evil - necessary, but evil - even in the reduced amounts present in those of us in advancing stages of decreptitude.


Originally Posted by cccorlew
*There are no ocelots in California. None

Not even in zoos?

cccorlew 12-24-13 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by bikingshearer (Post 16356268)

Not even in zoos?

That's right, I remember now, you're a lawyer.

bikingshearer 12-24-13 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by cccorlew (Post 16356597)
That's right, I remember now, you're a lawyer.

You say that like it's a bad thing . . . . :rolleyes:

Actually, it's only the 95% of lawyers that give the rest of us a bad name.

SClaraPokeman 12-24-13 08:23 PM

This competitiveness is all kind of stupid because one doesn't know which rider has ridden further (or harder) at the point of contact. For all one knows the individual you're going to pass on King's is one his third climb of the day (and you know you're on your first).

Nowdays I don't really care--the goal is just to make it to the top at any speed (the other day on King's I was barely able to pass the 190 lb. uncut guy on the mountain bike with a U-Bolt lock clipped to the frame).

Funny though, I remember one after work ride around 1990 up OLH where I was riding "tempo" about 23 min pace and this guy blows by me at 11 mph around one mile from the top. I chased him and eventually we were both riding side by side on the verge of blowing up and not even close to exchanging a glance.

I was ready to give up and was about two pedal strokes from doing so when he "conceded" and dropped back about one minute from the top. I think I made it up slightly under 21 minutes and still remember how painful (but fun) that ride was...

VNA 12-25-13 01:01 AM

Matcho stories and thread!

It is not about testosterone but about turkey pride.

UmneyDurak 12-25-13 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by VNA (Post 16357563)
Matcho stories and thread!

It is not about testosterone but about turkey pride.

It's the ego. :lol:

Doing repeats on kings is kind of entertaining. More then one time I am doing an interval at certain effort, for x amount of time, pass someone which I guess to much for their ego. So they jump on huffing and puffing trying to keep up, only for me seat up and turn around so I can do a next one from the bottom. I can only imagine what they think. :lol:

cccorlew 12-25-13 12:00 PM

I hope ever so much to have a "I passed this guy going up Diablo" story....

Wait! I kind of do! I remember now. It's from the 2010 Diablo Hill Climb (North gate to ranger house)

My plan was to start relatively easy and ramp up as I went along, saving a lot for the last third. But I was too too excited. I was at 95% of my max heart rate in seconds. I passed my first rider in about 3 minutes. I was so stoked. Unfortunately, as I went past I realized it wasn't a racer, just a rather heavy woman cyclist out for a ride. Oh well. I was passed by some rocket lad at about mile one. Many others passed me before I finished. I lost count.

digibud 01-01-14 12:16 PM

I had a young 20 something take my wheel without telling me during a large fun race. I was doing a 20mi leg with a team of old geezers. I didn't care if she was there but was concerned that she was doing it stealthy. I could have braked any time and hurt us both. I introduced myself and in a friendly way explained she should announce herself. After quite a while I rolled off to let her pull. She immediately dropped the pace. After a minute or two I saw she wasn't going to go any faster and I retook the lead, pulling her. We were joined by another woman who did her share but each time the young gal got up front she dropped the pace. I dropped them both on the next hill without realizing it, then I took off because I'm an amazingly fast 60yr old. (NOT) Later, much to my chagrin, I learned she was doing the entire 160mi ride solo and it was her first attempt at doing so. She was something like 15yrs old. Good lesson for me about judging people. And it has nothing to do with NoCal....I'm popping in here for another reason entirely.

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