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cautiousluma 12-31-13 07:45 AM

I know where a stolen Trek Madone is
I need help here before I call the authorities. I have learned as of today that a Trek Madone was stolen somewhere in the SF Bay or North Bay areas sometime during the summer of 2013 give or take a few months. This was told to me by two separate individuals that saw the bike first hand. I don't know the series number but this is what I have thus far---Trek Madone, Black and white with red. Black grips and saddle. It was told to me that this is the $11,000 bike. Seen in Petaluma, California. The person who is in possession is a known thief. If anyone is missing a Trek Madone bike from the bay area and it fits this description, please help.

bjorke 12-31-13 01:10 PM

See!fo...ycles-bay-area and talk to Jenny Oh Hatfield (she is on holiday I think, but that means nothing to the internet!)

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