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gpelpel 01-21-14 11:02 AM

Simply Out of this World
That is the wackiest cycling accident I have heard of:

bikingshearer 01-21-14 12:17 PM

The driver probably thought is was just one of those thermonuclear mosquitoes they have in those parts . . . .

gsa103 01-21-14 12:32 PM

I believe the term is "blind drunk".

cthenn 01-21-14 10:14 PM

593 comments...I don't dare read them, but I'm guessing 590 of them are of the "damn queer cyclists with their tight pants get off the road and too bad he didn't die and I'm a pissed off white guy and Obama sucks herp a derpity do" variety...

Quoth the Internet.

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