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kreeess 02-04-14 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by nokia8860 (Post 16467801)
From Pleasant Hill Bart a nice loop to do be it the 3 bears loop already mentioned. Out and back its ~30 miles. From the Pleasant Hill Bart side you'd go Alhambra/Pig Hill and left on Bear Valley which then ends on San Pablo/Camino. From there you can just turn back around or cut across and take the St. Stevens bike path along the 24 till you get to Mt. Diablo Blvd and take that into Walnut Creek where you can get back on Iron Horse to make your way back to Bart.

If you don't mind I'd like to ride out with you guys. I missed out on the last BF bike ride.

Feel free to come along! the more the merrier!! :D idk if you noticed, but we were trying to figure out a newbie friendly ride since it will be my buddies first "big" ride not too familiar with the route you mentioned but it sounds doable for me tho.

actually just mapped that route and it isnt too bad...could be one of our options.. just hope the weather holds!

budkid 05-30-14 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by kreeess (Post 16446192)
Hey thanks! There are definitely lots of climbs in my area, I'm just in need of more saddle time to get back in to shape lol, I've gone through bear creek in a motorcycle but never in my bicycle, I guess the hill just intimidated me. I'll definitely have to try it one day since it's not too far from me, I do like the Hercules -Alhambra - cumming skyway loop though, I will check out the Hercules Cycling club, I see a lot of riders pass by San Pablo on the weekend it's probably them and few others .

Hercules Cycling club has a website now if you want to join a ride or need some motivation to ride more.

FrenchFit 05-31-14 07:45 AM

If you want more a modest challenge ride off the IRT, when you get down to Dublin go through the BART station at Dublin/Pleasanton, continue down Willow, turn right at Stoneridge which you take all the way up to Foothill, turn right then left on Dublin Canyon Road. This is all protected bike lane. Ride Dublin Canyon Road all the way into Castro Valley. Long, straight and no interruptions. It's a good aerobic high cadence workout, but no real suffering. I've seen lots of team training on those grades over the pass, and they pass me like I'm standing still. Peet's on Redwood Road in Castro Valley.

Nice bail-out: if you or your partner feel done in Castro Valley you can take BART back to Pleasanton and just cruise the IRT back. Heck, I guess you could also take BART back to Concord through Oakland.

A more aggressive ride is to leave Peet's for Redwood Road and go north over the hill and down into Moraga/Lafayette, but frankly that road down the otherside is too dangerous for this rider, no shoulder and too many blind corners. Lots of riders out there though....

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