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Phil MacFarlane 01-31-14 12:17 AM

95 mile Devil's Slide Ride this Saturday.
I'm going to do this ride Saturday. Any one want to join me?
It takes us up the Peninsula along Crystal Springs and San Andreas Reservoirs onto Skyline and down Sharps Park into Pacifica. Through the new Devils Slide tunnels down the coast and up Pescadero Road and West Alpine and down Page Mill. Then back to San Mateo via Foot Hill and Alameda de las Pulgas. It's a beautiful ride.

I'm slower now than when I did this ride. Winter coat...:rolleyes:

kreeess 01-31-14 11:55 AM

sounds like an awesome ride but have to help a buddy pick up his bike in Palo Alto probably gonna be doing some riding there. Enjoy !

Tycho Brahe 01-31-14 12:23 PM

Tomorrow is the start of Strava's February Gran Fondo challenge. That would be an awesome route to do and complete it. Good luck!

Sadly I cannot make it this weekend (Chinese New Years party to attend to on Saturday and Superbowl on Sunday). Would love to meet other NorCal riders, so if anyone is doing a similar ride on another weekend, let me know!

stanlee010178 01-31-14 09:55 PM

What time do you plan on starting? I'm headed up to 92/Canada from Mountain View and might interested in riding through the Devil's Slide tunnel.

Phil MacFarlane 01-31-14 10:51 PM

I'm planning on leaving my house at 09:00. Skyline over the dam is still closed. So, when you are just about to 92 on Canada Road take the bike path over 280 and up the hill along side 92. We can meet at the park and ride and go from there. I can be there about 09:20. Let me know otherwise I'm not going that way.

Phil MacFarlane 02-01-14 09:50 PM

What a beautiful day. I ended up riding alone which probably a good thing because I'm slooooow. I've decided working 50-60 hours a week is bad for my cycling so I'm going to stop working. Should be ok till the wife finds out.

Lanceoldstrong 02-02-14 10:36 AM

I would have liked to join you but I had some morning obligations that kept me local. I look forward to making the drive over soon.

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