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Docbilly 03-04-14 10:32 PM

Recomended Trail and Bike Rental
Hi guys. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina and im planning a trip to California on MAy. Im going to San Francisco and then south through the Pacific Coast Highway to LA. Stay there some days and then going to Vegas. I always like to ride when i travel, but this is a special trip for me because California is where MTB begun and I must ride some trail while in California. What trail would u recomend that meets this criteria:

1) Awesome, im gonna take one ride, it should be a s stunning as possible
2) Not too far away from the pacific coast higway or Cali 1, between San Francisco and Los Angles.
3) Bike rental nearby. A nice bike. duesnt have to be a 16 pound racing beast but not a huffy either
4) Have some wife disposal facility such as a beach, a mall, chippendales, or whatever would make my beloved wife busy for some 6 or 7 hours (you guys cant volunteer on this one!)

Any data will be useful! Thanx a lot!

DiabloScott 03-05-14 10:44 AM

Well... there's MOUNT DIABLO !!!
30 miles east of San Francisco.
Nice shopping center in Walnut Creek.
I don't know about MTB rentals though.

kreeess 03-05-14 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by DiabloScott (Post 16550480)
Well... there's MOUNT DIABLO !!!
30 miles east of San Francisco.
Nice shopping center in Walnut Creek.
I don't know about MTB rentals though.

what he said

nokia8860 03-05-14 01:45 PM

Some of the places you should definitely ride (in order of going North to South in the SF Bay Area)

Repack (Fairfax) the birth place of mountain biking. You owe it to yourself to ride down it.

Mitchell Canyon up to Mt. Diablo (Walnut Creek). Going down is white knuckle technical as in lower your post or get a dropper.

Steven's Canyon (Cupertino) 1-10 this is rated a 7 and will give you a good taste of MTB in the bay. Stair steps, exposed roots, rocks and tight switchbacks. Plus a stream or two cross.

Demo (Santa Cruz). It's demo, its Santa Cruz!

Search for shops near the above for XC/AM/Enduro rentals.

Have fun!

Bike94965 04-21-14 07:07 PM

Road and Mountain Bike rentals: www. We have 27.5 and 29ers Giant, Scott and Marin. From here there are classic fire road trails on Mt. Tam and the Marin headlands, or you can go North to China Camp and finally for technical MTB Tamarancho.

And your wife will love Sausalito, just be careful about the shopping she will do while you are gone!

We will take care of you!


Docbilly 05-12-14 09:57 PM

Thanx a lot for the tips guys. Finally the trip is coming next week and tue to the schedule i decided to ride at the demo forest Demoing a Santa Cruz Bronson. What pedls do you guys think i should take to Demo Forest? I got XT and DX. I was guessing DX but they are heavier and bigger to carry. Is that trail to tactical? Im most of a XC rider, can ride slow downhills, cant drop 6 feet into a little trail with lava on the sides. Any tips will be welcome! Thanx a lot!

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