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Shadow Races 03-07-14 12:16 PM

Course Pro's!
Hey there Northern California! Shadow Races is looking for some help in your area. Last year we started Shadow Races as a way to focus our Strava obsessions and make it a little more fun locally amongst our friends. Once we got some courses set up, and some sponsors to donate some prizes we had a great time participating for chances to win prizes, all for free! Check out more details at

We set up monthly virtual races for Road and MTB enthusiasts. Signing up, participating, winning - it's all free! We are currently speed dating for a local “Course Pro” for the Marin / San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sacramento regions and hoped you can make our hearts swoon.

What we are looking for - A “Course Pro” will have seasoned knowledge of local Strava segments and popular safe routes that we can turn into virtual races throughout the cycling season. We need someone to level up and be committed to our vision of creating a safe and fun series of virtual racing. Gemini's are always a plus.

What's in it for you - As the Course Pro, you will have opportunities to set yourself apart and market your bike shop, club, or name to all cyclists in the region. Get your name out there by helping us set up your region’s seasonal virtual events. Some classic Quid Pro Quo. What about the piles of money, you ask? Help us to identify potential sponsors for the races and you could earn 10% commission! Plus, you get the added bonus being the focal point of your local online race scene!

Ready to flip this flapjack? If you're ready to be a boss and partner with Shadow Races respond with an email to: [email protected]. Gonna be a good fit? Tell us why we'll be seeing stars when we choose you to be a part of our team. ...we're just here pushing refresh on our emails, waiting.

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