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Seattle Forrest 08-07-17 06:25 PM

Deliver us from evil
Saw this on Cliff Mass today and felt compelled to share:

OK, the big question folks are asking are asking is when this warm/smoky situation is going to end?

Well, I have good news for them.....the latest forecast ensembles suggest a shift to a cooler, wetter pattern over the weekend. Here is the latest National Weather Service global ensemble forecasts (GEFS) for 2-m air temperature. We actually warm up this week (sorry), followed by a distinct cool down on the 13th-15th. Yes, uncertainty increases (the variability amount the ensemble forecasts), but all go for cooling.

Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog: Dry Period Record Tied Today

timvan_78 08-09-17 05:26 PM

ugh. cannot come soon enough!!

fietsbob 08-12-17 01:03 PM

On the coast last Wednesday a week, past was a smoky hazy scorcher , thursday it got cooler and onshore wind pushed the smoke away.

Rainy season returning is typically the way the fire season is extinguished..

Rollfast 08-12-17 02:08 PM

That's up to Mother Nature and the fire crews.

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