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Whidbey88 06-19-18 03:59 PM

[Seattle Area] Interurban Trail detour in Kent
I rode up from Auburn to Bellevue yesterday, only to find the Interurban was closed from Showare Center to about 218th (a couple of miles). The official detour is to take James St to West Valley Highway up to the trail access point at 218th. This seems like a very sketchy detour. West Valley is a 50 mph highway (so everyone goes 60+), and has no bike lane.

The work that they are doing to add a bridge at 228th ST will make the Interurban trail a lot better, and safer in the long run, but dang, that detour is a bad route. If you use this part of the Interurban, I'd recommend taking the Green River trail from south of Kent all the way to Tukwila, or to the 218th ST access trail, it's a lot safer and only adds a short distance. Not to mention the scenery is much better. Same recommendation if heading the other direction, too.

Igotdibs 06-19-18 04:39 PM

Thanks for the heads up!

blart 09-10-18 09:21 PM

This segment of the interurban is open again - in case anyone was reading this and curious.

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