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willcasp 06-18-20 09:03 AM

Sun River Oregon Mountain Bike Tire Recommendations
I will be taking my 2020 Trek Top Fuel (trail bike that leans XC) 29er to Sun River in Oregon in mid August. Any recommendations as to what tires work well on the trails out there? I am just starting my research in to where to ride while I am there for the week.

mtnbud 06-24-20 05:56 PM

I'd use whatever tires you already have on the bike. This time of the year, many of the trails can get quite dusty and loose in places. Running lower air pressure will help, but you will run into exposed rock in places so consider what you'll need to do to avoid pinch flats.

From Sunriver head north and you will run into a trail that will take you to the Benham Falls east trailhead. From there a trail follows along the Deschutes River almost to Bend. There's also a trail from the Benham Falls lot that will take you to the Lava Lands Visitors center.

From Sunriver you will find lots of good trails by driving towards Mt Batchelor or you can drive from Bend to find a trail system at Skyliner (Phil's trail complex). Any of the bike shops in the area will have good recommendations. (Sisters has good trails also)

BTW: My new bike is set up tubeless, and I haven't had any issues with pinch flats since running tubeless. I'm also running my tires at a much lower psi than I would've ever considered when using tubes. The lower psi really helps with sandy conditions and rocks...

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