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Summer23 08-26-06 03:06 AM


Originally Posted by bkrownd
I seem to have been lumped in here with y'all.

<----as it says under my handle, I'm @ Hilo, Hawai'i.

If I put some floaters on my bike and ride it straight North I'll arrive at Summer's place in 3 months. :D

:D Fantastic; I'll make sure I have some hot chocolate ready! Let's see, that'll be around Thanksgiving - do you like your mashed potatos lumpy or smooth?

myclem 08-26-06 07:34 AM

Living in Kenmore, WA now, about 1.5 miles from the Burke Gilman Trail.
Commute to downtown Seattle daily, rain or shine--roughly 36 miles round trip depending on which route I take. (Anyone else have favorite route from Downtown to the North End?)

x43x 08-26-06 11:05 AM

Renton, WA here. I try to commute to Seattle a couple times a week, but sometimes my schedule interferes. I recently got a friend to take up cycling so maybe I won't have to ride alone all the time...

Primordial 08-26-06 01:35 PM

My location
Olympia, Washington here :)

metal_cowboy 08-27-06 03:06 PM

Former Portlander, now living in Orting Wa. (about 45 miles south of Seattle.) Beautiful area to ride. The foothills trail allows me the opportunity to ride a 30 mile out and back all on a multi-purpose bike path.

justuspost 08-27-06 03:07 PM

N Portland is my home and Vancouver WA is my work. I mostly ride in Portland, but I may migrate the riding and home to Vancouver soon. :-)

fishmel 08-28-06 09:37 AM

Live in Vancouver, Wa. Work in Portland. Hey justuspost, trade ya spots :D

Lecterman 08-28-06 02:53 PM

I want to be a Pac NWer. I will be visiting OR in October and hope to do a ride there. I keep looking at houses online, but the housing prices are just so astronomical compared to Texas.

I can find anything comparable to my house for under $250K and my house cost $108K. :eek:

I've got to figure something out. :)

justuspost 08-28-06 05:26 PM

Trade spots? Sounds like a nice plan. I'm looking for a nice place in Vancouver to rent.

Yea a place in Portland is gonna cost more then a place in Carrizo Springs... lol if you compare it to an area like Dallas or Houston, then the pricing is fair. You can get a nice place in Vancouver for ~200k. 100k will get you a nice place with a commute... maybe a long commute. lol

Everything is relative.


MillCreek 08-28-06 08:07 PM

Lecter, if the housing prices in the metro Portland area give you palpitations, than may I suggest that you avoid the Seattle metro area! The traffic up here is worse than Portland, too.

humancongereel 08-28-06 10:12 PM

live in north portland....i'm actually closer to vancouver than i am to downtown portland, though i'll be moving soon. hopefully to fairly close-in southwest. not my favorite neighborhood, but at least i'll be closer to...well, everything, or at least all the places i work, hang out, have friends....etc. southeast or northesat is my ideal, though.

randya 08-30-06 02:22 PM

PDX, Inner SE.

ericgu 08-30-06 07:45 PM

Bellevue, WA

Lecterman 08-30-06 09:43 PM

Oh, yeah. I was up there last year. Real Estate prices made my eyes go :eek: .

I think Oregon will me more my speed. When I do move up there I will probably go back to renting, at least for a while.


Originally Posted by MillCreek
Lecter, if the housing prices in the metro Portland area give you palpitations, than may I suggest that you avoid the Seattle metro area! The traffic up here is worse than Portland, too.

johnnycoke 08-30-06 09:52 PM

Olympia, WA

podman 08-31-06 10:49 PM

PDX.. near Multnomah Village

chrisesposito 09-01-06 12:31 PM

Until 4 months ago I lived on the Sammamish Plateau just up the hill from Issaquah (along with khuon and mcoomer). Just moved to North Bend, near Rattlesnake Lake and just 20 miles west of the Snoqualmie Pass ski areas.

TheDL 09-01-06 12:38 PM

Happy Valley, OR

You know...near Clackamas...up around Mt. Scott....ah hell....

FlowerBlossom 09-01-06 01:00 PM

Three's a charm....Olympia, WA.

More accurately, I work in Seattle (rent an apt to avoid commuting from Olympia each day) 4 days a week, work at home in Olympia 1 day per week. Commute by bike when in Seattle.

The Rob 09-01-06 04:56 PM

Live in Milwaukie, work in Portland.

mykster 09-01-06 10:38 PM

Arlington here. Nice to see some other Puget Sounders. Do most of my riding in Bellingham at Galbraith Mtn. If you haven't been I highly recommend it.

Jakey 09-02-06 06:36 PM

Salem, Or. South Salem to be exact. We've got just about everything here, 'cept mountains.. :)

Dick Rhee 09-02-06 08:17 PM

I'm in North Seattle in the Aurora area. The rent is cheap, so hey. I usually do my rides commuting from my apartment to work in Woodinville via Lake City Way and the Burke, as well as frequent trips to Bainbridge Island over the weekends. I'm glad this topic went up, as I don't know any other cyclists in the area aside from my girlfriend and the gents over at Classic Cycle. Anybody happen to be looking for a riding partner?

Eutychus 09-02-06 09:16 PM

Boring, Oregon, at the east end of the Springwater Trail. Peregrine, I must bike right past your place on my way to and from work at 67th Avenue and Johnson Creek Blvd. every day.

norsehabanero 09-02-06 09:24 PM

yakima wa middle of the state

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