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danarnold 08-30-09 08:21 PM

Dan, from the Tri-Cities, WA
Grew up in Seattle, Queen Anne near Seattle Pacific where I learned to ride, and learned to brake by riding into 'sticker bushes.'

3 years commuting on Wilshire Blvd and riding in Griffith Park in L.A., now back in Washington, Sun Country.

CraigInTheCouve 09-04-09 10:40 AM

I live in Vancouver, WA and work in Portland, OR. I'm close to the Columbia River, close to Vancouver Lake, lots of great places to ride! I'm a n00b, so I'm learning as much as I can.

toolbear 09-07-09 04:18 PM

I live in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island in San Juans - but scamper south to California when the rains start up. You can have my share of the NorthWet Winters.

bliss1004 09-07-09 05:28 PM

Greetings from Kirkland, WA :)

Giordania 09-08-09 03:04 PM

Hello from Oly
New to road riding in Oly, WA.

Loving my new Bianchi!

WolfsBane 09-10-09 01:18 PM

Hello everyone, from Meridian, Idaho (just about 10 miles west of the city of Boise).

sportridertex 09-10-09 02:12 PM

Last week of Sept,2009 I'll be a NEW Vancouver,Washington resident. I'm so ready to escape the heat of TEXAS

Piobaireachd 09-12-09 09:59 AM

Hello from Port Hadlock on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula!

I'm new here and getting back into cycling.

Brookew 09-21-09 12:39 PM

Another rider in the Pacific Northwest - Olympia WA
I ride a commuter/errand bike, road bike and mountain bike (only really easy rides) out of Olympia Washington. I'm not a terrific rider, but I do almost all my errands on my bicycle, and have the distinction of being a living survivor of a very bad accident where a car ran over me while I was walking my bike in a crosswalk. (The car won). My left tibia and knee parts were shattered, lots of broken teeth, and a well cracked helmet. I've had several surgeries, but can still ride a bike and am glad to be alive after all.

I don't do any serious mountain biking because I can't afford to fall and hurt my rebuilt left leg and knee, plus I have too much fear. I do ride around Olympia a lot and enjoy touring on my road bike.

Kip 09-21-09 08:30 PM

Kelso and Longview Washington along the Columbia River. If you've ridden the STP you've gone right through this area.

Tome 10-04-09 01:43 PM

Entiat, Washington.
Some good riding in this area for both road and Mt.

'09 Jamis Coda Comp, '09 Trek FX 7.9 (the best hybrid in the world), a 2003 Breeze Twister and a 2002 Marin Nail Trail.

Jaye 10-09-09 10:29 AM

Just a couple of days away from being a PNWer, the wife and I start driving on Sunday and will be moving into our new place in Beaverton, OR on Monday the 12th.

Setherz 10-18-09 11:32 PM

Lake Stevens, Wa!

Witchdoctor 10-19-09 10:23 PM

Therefore I am
Hail from PDX, originally from the East Coast, never going back. Love bikes and riding. Thinking about getting old Trek frame repainted, inspired by the fall colors. Orange, yellow and green too garish?

brandonspeck 10-27-09 02:50 PM

recent emigree from Colorado to the beautiful PNW. I now go to school full time in Portland. I'd love to get some resources on long rides that can show me some beautiful scenery!

Mr. Fell 11-02-09 11:27 PM

Hello from Corvallis.

BGrayvy 11-03-09 01:27 AM

Greetings from the Lakewood/Seward Park neighborhood in SE Seattle.

danva198301 11-03-09 01:35 AM

Hello from Bellevue, WA, commuting to new job for first time on bike over I-90 to downtown Seattle tomorrow!

Threespeeder 11-05-09 10:01 PM

Greetings from Dayton WA in the great Palouse country the gateway to the Blue Mts. I like old 3 speeds and am currently, painfully trying to break in my Brooks B67 "Aged" on my '73 Raleigh Sports! I thought these pre treated Brooks were supposed to be comfy from the get go! Oh well, it's worth the wait!

Heli Bass 11-12-09 01:51 AM

Tumwater, WA. Cruisin' on a bicycle built for 2.

MeshGearFox 11-22-09 11:05 PM

Seattle (Greenwood). Where it is finally late November, and I do not need to fret about dry-glove syndrome for another five months. :thumb:

shadghost 11-23-09 02:39 PM

Fairbanks Alaska, use to live in Anchorage Alaska, but i find the fifty below weather up here easier to ride in then anchorages zero to ten below (dryer and no wind up here in winter time, also no ice on sidewalks yet!!!!!!!, but we do have snow)

JFlurett 01-08-10 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by sportridertex (Post 9650674)
Last week of Sept,2009 I'll be a NEW Vancouver,Washington resident. I'm so ready to escape the heat of TEXAS

Funny, I'm a Georgia transplant here in Vancouver, WA who wants more sunshine. House swap?

I've been commuting for over a year and a half but I am very much a newbie. Stopped using my Specialized Singlecross and now have moved onto a Salsa La Cruz. I want to do some longer rides (potentially with a road bike I do not own yet). Still learning what I can. Adjusting disc brakes is apparently not my specialty.

iqbal624 01-12-10 10:28 PM

Greetings from Bellingham, WA. . .
One of the few people in Bellingham that doesn't bike everywhere.. . YET :)

robertc3 01-22-10 06:46 PM

Hello from Kenmore, WA. I and my family enjoy road and trail riding around the eastside and farther north. I am gearing up for the STP this summer.

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