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sequimboy 01-25-10 09:42 AM

Olympic Peninsula
I live on the Olympic Peninsula home of the Hoh rain forest although I live in Sequim which is 17 miles east of Port Angeles. The Hoh gets 200 inches of rain a year and we get about 15. The area is hilly but beautiful and relatively quiet. The rush hour lasts about 10 minutes when the high school gets out. Otherwise not much traffic.

bicycole 01-29-10 02:03 PM

I'm Cole from Portland. I'm super short and have 2 GTB track bikes, an '84 ish Bianchi that appears to be close to a specialissima (porteur rack bike), and some weird commuter mtb thing with slicks I hardly ever touch. I deliver pitas at pita pit and enjoy travel.

pictures to come.

Steamcrow 02-05-10 10:00 PM

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Greetings, I am Brandon From Eugene, I ride a '74 Volkscycle Horizon to work as often as possible and hit the logging roads on a Schwinn Moab. I am restoring a '59 Schwinn FairLady for my wife and just got my oldest son (3 1/2) his first bike. You should've seen his face. Total shock. This is my first post here on bike forums. I got fenders for Christmas. That should make for a drier ride.

memnoch_proxy 02-07-10 11:44 PM

Lately that I've been riding in the rain so much (and have better maintenance habits) I'm going thru a bottle of oil every two months. Does this compare to your rainy season chain oil use?

Mister G 02-11-10 12:36 AM

Woody-ville, WA
Woodinville, Washington, right near the top of the climb out of the downtown area on the way to the Maltby Cafe and beyond. Woodinville: home to about 60 little wineries and a couple of big ones. Redhook Brewery is here as well. Great place to live if you love high quality alcohol! But...I moved here for the quality public school system. For the kids.

Bazaaretw 02-16-10 04:51 PM

22/m/Tacoma, Wa :D

fusionx 02-23-10 12:15 AM

Hello, I'm Denis from Portland, OR. I ride a KHS flite 500 and am planning on doing STP for the first time this summer. ;)

AdventureDad 02-27-10 10:43 PM

OK – here’s the basics… I live in the other Portland, OR (over in Washington County - it's just over the hill and through the woods from other Portland, OR. Pretty much a stones throw from Nike HQs).

So why the forum name? I am always on the go, constantly looking for things to do with my kids and make an adventure out of the little things like getting groceries or dropping off mail in the mailbox. Well, somewhere along the way, I just started getting called AdventureDad by family and friends.

Now, I want to get a bike but haven’t ridden since the 80’s. The reason I want to ride is four fold – I have a three little kids who will soon be putting a bike on their Christmas lists - and top that off with me being a type II diabetic... I must to get into a healthier shape!

Looking forward to meet ya'll on the trails, roads, and rides.

memnoch_proxy 02-28-10 11:19 PM

You can do it! It really helped me doing about 16 miles a day to work and back. I'm about to cross my hear mark of cycle commuting from Bellingham to Ferndale. Get rain pants and a beanie :-)

bikenomad 03-03-10 08:50 AM

Hello all... I recently bought a house in Seattle, making sure that I found one within 10 miles of work for a quick bike commute.

So now I'm trying to get into that habit. I used to bike commute regularly when I lived in Santa Cruz, but that was 10 years ago.

My commute goes from Maple Leaf down to South Lake Union; any suggestions as to route?

I think once I get into the habit, it should be a breeze. It's the cold drizzle that I have a hard time getting used to (though thankfully there's not been too much of that this year).

I'm not inexperienced with riding in a variety of conditions (I've done over 10000 miles of solo loaded bike touring, including Florida to Oregon and a 4500 mile loop of the western US), but cold drizzle is something I've never quite figured out how to deal with.

I ride a recumbent, which makes the usefulness of a helmet visor almost nil for rain.

kw 03-03-10 12:40 PM

Hey AdventureDad! I've seen you over at Portland Bike Forums too.

Bikenomad, welcome to BF and the Pacific Northwest. I'll bet you could find some good route advice at the forums for the Cascade Bicycle Club. They have nearly ten thousand registered users.

Welcome to BF, both of you! :)

TheMudder 03-03-10 02:17 PM

Cris from Spokakalaka. almost 39. former jr and sr racer from the late 80's. gettin' back on the bike. the same 3RENSHO that I rode in the 89' national tt championships in Albany. Hegg won that. I think I was about 208th out of 220-ish :)

looking forward to riding a lot.

myblacksky 03-13-10 05:55 AM

in a few weeks, i'll be in pdx!

bmclaughlin807 03-22-10 11:43 PM

Hey all... moving from Denver next week. Will be living in Spokane Valley starting the 29th! Looking forward to meeting some new folks and exploring new territory!

Yip812 03-30-10 11:01 PM

Ephrata, WA. Right in the middle of the state.

PomPilot 03-30-10 11:24 PM

Mulitiple year lurker, just emerging from the shadows of the Rogue valley. If you were at the Portland Tweed ride, I was there too, but without my usual riding companion. My partner is a Pomeranian, named Merry, who loves to go riding.

Oh, and I attended the University of Portland, a great many years ago. Once a Pilot....

And now you know where my handle comes from. ;)

liablemtl 04-02-10 01:15 AM

Howdy from Portland... I'm out of the SE side and am getting back into cycling after a 20+ year absence. I'm not too serious about biking but I do miss that mode of transportation and am looking for an alternative to running for exercise.

steffie224 04-10-10 05:38 PM

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I'm mainly in the Tacoma area with a second home in Westport. I like riding in my little beach town the best -there's less traffic ;)

Readiculous 04-24-10 11:33 AM

Hey all,
New to the forum. Just moved into the Greenlake area. Diggin it.

StoredBiff 04-25-10 12:56 AM

Hey all! John from Oregon Coast - Near Tillamook and feeling a little alone out here - not too many road bikers.... Riding in the "Reach the Beach" May 15 this year, hoping to meet a few new riders there!

LAG-bolt 04-30-10 10:23 AM

Vancouver, WA just north of downtown

treleung 05-12-10 08:35 PM

Hey folks,

I travel between Richland (Tri-Cities) and Bellevue.

kish53a 05-17-10 08:56 PM

Geoff from Whidbey Island Wa by way of Portland Or...I don't ride or post much, but here are my bikes..

93 Cannondale M500
(White duct tape replaced with electrical tape)

$5.00 road bike (working towards SS for putting around town)

RabidBikeMonkey 05-20-10 10:07 AM

Kirkland WA here! Near Seattle but on the east side of Lake Washington.

I'm new to road biking this year and I'm loving every minute of it. At this point I'm just doing it for fitness and fun, going out on longer and longer weekend rides. I'm gearing up for the STP in July with a few other events beforehand.

Eric_Lynn 06-05-10 12:01 PM

Hello all,

I've known about for quite awhile, but been pre-occupied with another board. At any rate, finally decided I might as well sign up for this one.

I'm in Bonney Lake, WA, about 15 miles east of Tacoma.

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