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papawizo 09-20-06 07:02 AM

I say I live in Olympia in the general sense and because I am there almost daily but I live 18 miles south of Oly.

jo5iah 09-25-06 05:20 PM

I'm on Phinney Ridge, a suburb of Ballard, WA. I commute to downtown Seattle daily, and do long rides on and off road in eastern King Co.

RoseInOregon 09-25-06 09:02 PM

Looks like Shifty's the only other Eugenean so far. Howdy, earthlings.

thurstonboise 09-26-06 11:16 PM

Boise Here (east end).
See you all at Hellracer II.

SpokesInMyPoop 09-27-06 10:03 AM

i'm another one in inner SE portland. no car. strictly bike (and trimet... i have my days :(). I work in milwaukie, about nine miles south of home. my gf lives in NE alberta, where I've also been spending a lot of time at (and from there the commute is about 13 miles to work).

live it up!!

cutter57 09-27-06 06:16 PM

Southwest Washington, southeast of Chehalis. My wife and I ride a tandem as often as we can, mostly on the paved roads of Lewis County.

Shifty 09-28-06 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by RoseInOregon
Looks like Shifty's the only other Eugenean so far. Howdy, earthlings.

Hi RoseInOregon,

There are a few more Eugeniuses around, but not too active from time to time. Welcome! Hope you've been riding in this fine fall weather.:)

TCR Punk 09-29-06 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by 55/Rad
There are many of us and I would love to put together a master list.

Let your presence be known and tell us what part of the area you hail from.

Me - Sherwood Oregon. 20 miles southwest of downtown Portland. Makes for a great commute.



bryceepoo 09-30-06 02:45 PM

I just joined the site and moved to Kenmore while going to school at UW, my wife and I are both from the surrounding area of Tri-Cities though originally.

Billiam 10-01-06 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by jo5iah
I'm on Phinney Ridge, a suburb of Ballard, WA. .

A suburb... :rolleyes: I think it stands as a neighborhood in it's own right. Climbing that hill, particular at the south end, makes it feel like you're going someplace new! :eek:

I live in Ballard, which used to be a suburb of Seattle back in the day. I commute to the UW, going around said ridge (but do climb it on occasion to visit a friend or the zoo, and sometimes just because it's there).

the beef 10-02-06 10:37 PM

North Seattle / Shoreline area here, Washington State. Just a quick ride away from the Burke-Gilman trail. I like hanging out down at Recycled Cycles - I've got the white Bianchi Veloce. Say hi if you ever see me.

Bill Abbey 10-03-06 02:04 PM

I live west of Puget Sound, in Poulsbo. Mat-su Valley is great and riding across Alaska was a trip of a lifetime, but the best one day ride I ever took was from Florence to Eugene, about 2 weeks ago. About 85 fully loaded miles. Spectacular riding, weather and great people.

stiber 10-04-06 08:56 PM

I also live in Kenmore, on top of a hill a bit northeast of Lake Washington. I'm just starting up commuting daily, rain or shine, to work (5.5 miles one way). This is a good arrangement, as I'm not sweaty when I get to work but I get a... character building ride home in the evening. Actually, it's my goal to be able to climb the hill to home sometime in the next three months.

Shaman 10-04-06 09:25 PM

Westside Portland here... Hillsboro trike rider.

mike_khad1 10-05-06 04:01 PM

Mike from Clackamas
Hello everyone - just outside of Portland - developing tourer and existing commuter.

Bill Abbey 10-05-06 09:31 PM

There are some pretty strong riders at the Seattle Bike Club. You might partner up there.

hackybiker 10-07-06 12:27 AM

I'm in Capitol Hill in Seattle. Only started biking around here recently, even though I've lived here 5 years now. I've been mostly riding up to the U district, around Mercer Island, and on the Burke-Gilman trail.

I'm the Asian dude on the blue 80s Shogun. =) Say hi! And drop me a message if you'd like to do a ride. I'm happy to go at a slow or medium pace. Always looking for new routes!

wubrew 10-08-06 11:14 PM

North Tacoma. That's the "Life of My Life" in my arms"

Trek F 100
Brompton 6ML

slotibartfast 10-08-06 11:59 PM

I'm in Covington, WA, south of Seattle and just east of Kent. Moved here just over a year ago from Spokane and mostly cycle on the Soos Creek Trail and the Green River Trail. Not brave enough to try the streets, yet! I miss the Centennial Trail in Spokane and the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in Idaho. I also felt safe tooling around the south hill. I'm considering joining a club to get in some miles in a group on the streets in the spring.

nukemm 10-10-06 06:45 AM

East Bremerton, WA here, literally 100 yards from Silverdale. I commute to PSNS daily, ~13 miles RT.

East Hill 10-11-06 01:01 PM

Slotibartfast--what time of day are you on Big Soos? Perhaps you have seen me and Mr. East Hill...we are there almost every day around 8.30 to 9.30 am. We start at the north end. I'm the one who seems to have a different ride every day.

East Hill

slotibartfast 10-11-06 08:31 PM

East Hill - I'm normally on the trail a little later than you - around 10:00 or 11:00. Today, I was lazy and mowed the lawn first and didn't get to the trail til around noon. Beautiful day for a ride today, huh? I park at the maintenance shed parking lot, go south to 256th then turn around and go north to the end and back...that way, I also avoid that damn hill past 256th - what a killer. When are they scheduled to open up the new section on the north end? I like the trail, but it's a little short - we need some more miles added to it. I live just a little east of Kentwood High, so Soos Creek is really convienient for me. Cool that you ride it almost every day. I'm usually Wednesday or Thursday, depending on my day off. If you see an old slow guy with a blue helmet on a silver and black Gary Fisher Utopia (probably), that's me. Say hi as you pass me.....

East Hill 10-12-06 07:48 AM

Rember, going up that hill gives one character! Occasionally I go up it two or three times in a row, just to prove I can do it. I don't think you should plan on the next bit of trail to be done soon considering it took almost two years to finish the tiny extension. I'm projecting about 5 years for the next bit to be finished on Big Soos. Seriously, I don't think it's going to be any time soon, but one never knows. If you are riding a hybrid, you can always incorporate Lake Youngs into your repetoire. There are only a couple of big hills...I'll be looking for you.

East Hill

Cead_tinne 10-12-06 11:21 AM

I am currently living in Eugene OR. This is an awesome city to ride in. Itís defiantly a lot friendlier than Coos Bay.

JonRags 10-12-06 10:39 PM

I'm in Clackamas.

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