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aRoudy1 11-30-08 02:55 PM

This isn't particularly scenic, but definitely an enjoyable ride.

Daveyboy 11-30-08 09:00 PM

Looks nice, where is it?

aRoudy1 11-30-08 10:46 PM

On a country road about 5 miles east of Cle Elum.

mattm 12-01-08 06:13 PM

great pics in this thread! i'll add a few:

cougar mtn, yesterday:

reith road, near hermiston (sp?) OR: (from this 600k ride)

from the SIR 600k this sept (windy ridge):

that 600k also featured FR26, an alternate (and harder!) route up to windy ridge, with washouts:

a shot by my bud jack, also on that 600k (this was heading up to paradise). btw that's me on the right:

from the Baker Lake 400k this summer:

and of course there was Ramrod. that was a great ride (starting in seattle for me):

also from ramrod:

riders @ inspiration point:

more ramrod photos here.

can't wait for next season! so many more photo-ops await.

scozim 12-01-08 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by aRoudy1 (Post 7942385)
On a country road about 5 miles east of Cle Elum.

No wonder it looked so familiar - I've been on that road for work.

FlowerBlossom 12-01-08 11:31 PM

Fort Stevens State Park at sunset:

turned 180 degrees:

Otter Trail Loop, Oregon Coast Bike Route:

Newport, OR.

Baby seal

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

cheg 12-01-08 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by FlowerBlossom (Post 7948356)

Nice pictures!

I found these guys checking things out on Lake Washington about a month ago:

FlowerBlossom 12-02-08 11:34 AM

In Lake Washington, my brain says "river otters".

River otters?

cohophysh 12-02-08 11:40 AM

yes most likely river otters

cheg 12-02-08 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by FlowerBlossom (Post 7950391)
In Lake Washington, my brain says "river otters".

River otters?

Yes, river otters. I've seen them on the Samammish River before but never on Lake Washington until then. This is a picture of them on the beach a few minutes before they swam over to us:

East Hill 12-03-08 12:00 PM

I've seen river otters at Big Soos Creek several times.

They are always fun to watch. If you look at them and remain quiet, chances are they will come over to check you out!

East Hill

1bluetrek 12-05-08 05:32 PM

Never get tired of seeing Mt Rainier (see if this works)

1bluetrek 12-05-08 05:41 PM

WooHoo! I did It!!:D Lets see if I can get another pic up there lol.[IMG] Me My Daughter, Greg Lemond and a fellow I dont know

K'Tesh 12-05-08 06:01 PM

Me, and my shadow...

Part of my Environments set on flickr.

lbear 12-06-08 02:20 AM

I meant some of the the most interesting people while biking this summer.

stevemtbr 12-06-08 09:46 AM

Swinging bridge in Riverside State park in Spokane.

poprad 12-06-08 11:07 AM

OK, for all those stunning Mt Rainier pics I gotta show some OR love:

Mt Hood, Crater Lake, and Multnomah Falls

1bluetrek 12-06-08 11:30 AM

Nice stuff! Ya gotta love the PNW! I'll have to find some pics of the Columbia Basin for some contrast to the mountian side.

lbear 12-06-08 11:52 AM

Lets not leave out the Oregon coast.

poprad 12-06-08 07:41 PM

Great coast pics lBear, nice stuff.

cheg 12-06-08 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by 1bluetrek (Post 7975218)
Nice stuff! Ya gotta love the PNW! I'll have to find some pics of the Columbia Basin for some contrast to the mountain side.

I agree, the dry side deserves some love. These are from eastern OR.:

And a little wildlife:

Shifty 12-09-08 06:55 PM

Near downtown Eugene

Central Oregon Coast, yes, that road is nice for cycling!!!

Old McKinzie Pass, it's open to bikes only for a few weeks each spring.

poprad 12-09-08 09:41 PM

D'oh! You're killing me with that McKenzie Pass photo! I was away for work that weekend and didn't get to hit it this that had to be a neat ride with all the snow. I did it a couple of times the year before, but the snow was nowhere near as deep. I don't even want to know how you got up there on that drift to get that cool shot.

City_Smasher 12-09-08 09:51 PM

cougar mtn, yesterday:

Which way were you going? That looks like hell, to climb.

FlowerBlossom 12-09-08 11:58 PM

Wow, the McKenzie Pass and Cougar Mtn shots are fabulous!

Riding McKenzie Pass would be so darn cool!

Edit: No pun intended.

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