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1bluetrek 06-02-09 07:34 AM

Here's Snoqualmie Falls May 15th

kpug505 06-02-09 04:03 PM

Here are some I took on a trip to Bainbridge Island. Not the best photos but it was a pretty day and I thought I'd share...

And one of my bike from that day. My Peugeot PX10 650B conversion.

zpl 06-07-09 11:07 PM

Here are a few photos from the Bridge of the Gods ride along the Columbia River Gorge I did this weekend. A full ride report is available in the Clyde forum at:
The Washougal River
View from Cape Horn
This is the Bridge of the Gods, which crosses the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.
Horsetail Falls



Jman007 06-10-09 10:19 AM

Gig Harbor

Good old T town

Jman007 06-22-09 07:27 AM

Here are some from the Seattle Livestrong Challenge 09

Triple8Sol 06-26-09 03:25 AM

After seeing all these great scenic shots, I vow to remember to pack the camera and take some this summer. In the meantime, here's my ride:

Jman007 06-26-09 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Triple8Sol (Post 9170000)
After seeing all these great scenic shots, I vow to remember to pack the camera and take some this summer. In the meantime, here's my ride:

first off Great looking bike, second love the lighting on this shot. Nice job.

fiatjeepdriver 06-30-09 12:13 AM

here are a couple from applegate lake and lost creek lake.

lost creek lake

applegate lake

noonito 07-01-09 06:37 PM

Eugene from Hendricks Park:

Bikes at the University of Oregon:

Wide open road somewhere in North-Central Oregon:

Freund Canyon trail near Leavenworth, WA:

Devil's Gulch Trail near Wenatchee, WA:

northbend 07-01-09 09:49 PM

Freund Canyon to bikes? I gotta check that out

dmoney19 07-02-09 09:25 PM

Jman007 07-02-09 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by dmoney19 (Post 9211375)

Great choice on the B&W

gregstandt 07-03-09 10:49 PM

Here's a couple pics from an overnight trip from Spokane to Williams lake.

Typical Eastern Washington farmland

Wide open spaces!

The reward for a long hot ride!


The trip home

Although not as scenic as other parts of the Northwest, Eastern Washington has some great low-traffic rides. If you like wide open space you'd like it!
The restaurant is Klinks at Williams Lake where there is also a campground.

dmoney19 07-04-09 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by Jman007 (Post 9211456)
Great choice on the B&W

Black and White saves a lot of my photos. :innocent:

cc700 07-04-09 01:34 AM

portland chinese gurdun.

toybike monamie

seattle greenlake ducky

Jeff Wills 07-08-09 10:13 PM

A couple from the Bridge Of The Gods loop we did last Sunday:

Map of the route: (still needs a little editing)

Call this one "Why We Ride":

Conventional tourist-ish shot of Multnomah Falls:

Unconventional view through the bridge deck:

cheg 07-08-09 11:10 PM

Rolling up to Sunrise on Mount Rainier last Friday:

kblair 07-25-09 09:51 PM

3 Attachment(s)
After browsing these last five pages, I'm pumped to get on my bike with my camera and get some pics while I'm out riding!

Until then, here are a couple I took around Portland and one of my crazy lab...

cheg 08-11-09 08:46 PM

Pics from the SIR 300K last Saturday. Enjoy :thumb:

wild animals 08-16-09 02:21 AM

I have to commemorate this ride with a public picture ! ! !
Today I climbed 800 feet in 3.5 miles. Generally if there is a hill I will find a different way to go.
But not today! It was so steep that at some points my front wheel lifted off of the ground.
It was terrible!

This one was taken in Scappoose a couple of years ago. The location should look familiar to at
least one of you :)

fiatjeepdriver 09-03-09 10:33 PM

a couple of shots from around lost creek lake in southern oregon:

and mt mcloughlin

Jman007 09-08-09 12:30 PM

Beautiful ride last weekend up around Wilkinson

northbend 09-14-09 06:06 AM

Stevens Canyon on the way to Paradise..

stevemtbr 09-15-09 08:25 PM

Took a 3 day trip with the wife and stayed in Bonners Ferry in Northern Idaho. No riding but we did a lot of hiking.

Copper Falls

Kootenai River valley

Kootenai Falls

Another view of the valley

Snow Creek Falls

BengeBoy 09-27-09 03:45 PM

Just east of Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.

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