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cc700 11-18-08 08:14 PM

The Beautiful PNW Photo thread
just felt like there have to be a few more of these.

post up!

and if anyone wants to get together for a biking/photography thing that could be cool.

Shifty 11-18-08 09:20 PM

Cape Perpetua, central Oregon coast

gregstandt 11-19-08 12:33 AM

Shelter Bay, BC

KRhea 11-19-08 02:23 AM

PNW pics:

#1- Downtown crit action in Portland

#2- Cascade Classic time trial

#3- Circuit race in city park, SE Portland

#4- Consumate NW hipster

#5- Typical NW rainy day fall ride (taken while riding)

#6- Foggy morning group ride across the I-5 Interstate bridge between Portland and Vancouver (taken while riding)

#7- Another foggy ride along the Columbia River (taken while riding)

#8- Fall colors west of Forest Grove, OR (taken while riding)

#9- Monday morning "Vertical Reality" group ride in Portland. In front of Pittock Mansion, one of the highest points in Portland

cc700 11-19-08 03:03 AM

the mossy oregon trail picture is beautiful! keep em coming.

kpug505 11-19-08 12:25 PM

Here is one of a bike I sold last summer....

northbend 11-22-08 10:51 PM

The road up to Sunrise was closed to cars

poprad 11-22-08 11:21 PM

KRea's pics are, unsurprisingly, emblematic of the PNW cycling experience. I love the forest trail shot from Shifty. I'll throw one up of a great ride KRhea turned me onto from the Clackamas R. valley up to High Rocks:

If you're scouting for a PDX unique and rewarding ride with plenty of elev gain he's your man.

I'm gonna throw this one out too. I just got back from a business trip to Anchorage, AK. This fixie was in front of a great local coffee shop, Kaladi Coffee. It was 16 out when I took this, and the rider had just gotten there. Serious riding stock up there.

Dogbait 11-23-08 01:31 AM

Mount Saint Helens in springtime. From Dike Rd. in Scappoose, OR.

Cattle doing lunch.

BengeBoy 11-23-08 11:10 PM

Tour de Blast (Mt. St. Helens), 2008

Daveyboy 11-25-08 11:49 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Riding in flooded Snohomish County this month.

Aemmer 11-26-08 04:59 PM

Milwalkee RR grade past Rattlesnake lake but before tunnel
Action photo-
Watching my little boy grow up!

Taking a small detour while riding the Milwalkee RR grade.

Attachment 87649

East Hill 11-27-08 07:25 PM

The Beautiful PNW Photo thread
Let's see those glorious photos of our favourite part of the world--the Pacific Northwest.

The biggest reason why I will probably never leave the Northwest:

East Hill

gregstandt 11-27-08 11:25 PM

I'm glad this is a sticky and looking forward to some more great photos!

Here's one of our lloaded llamas at Newport, OR.

cheg 11-27-08 11:29 PM

Some of my ride pics from this year. Enjoy :thumb:

From RAMROD 2008:

From High Pass Challenge 2008

From the 3 Rivers Cruise 200K (Arlington-Darrington-Marblemount-Concrete-Arlington) in October:

From a November ride in North Seattle:

From a night ride to Gasworks Park in Seattle:

lbear 11-28-08 01:41 AM

Row River rail to trail.

Dorena Lake Row River trail

stevemtbr 11-28-08 10:49 AM

The old rotating rail road bridge that is now part of the 76 mile Trail of the Coeur D Alene's in Heyburn State park in Idaho.

Shifty 11-28-08 02:34 PM

Old McKenzie Pass, Oregon

South of Eugene

BengeBoy 11-28-08 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by cheg (Post 7928893)
Some of my ride pics from this year. Enjoy :thumb:

Great pics, cheg.

cheg 11-28-08 03:31 PM

Some non-cycling pics from last summer (sorry to anyone with a dialup connection):

Sunrise area of Mount Rainier:

Morovitz Meadows at Mount Baker:

East Hill 11-28-08 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by cheg (Post 7928893)
Some of my ride pics from this year. Enjoy :thumb:

From RAMROD 2008:


What a gorgeous photo of Rainier with a lenticular cloud.

FlowerBlossom 11-28-08 11:06 PM

I never get tired of looking at Our Lady (Mt Rainier).

cheg 11-28-08 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by FlowerBlossom (Post 7933039)
I never get tired of looking at Our Lady (Mt Rainier).

Good. Here is another one just for you :D

scozim 11-29-08 05:41 PM

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Ok, I'll add some photos in here also. I normally don't have the camera with me but today took it because we had a mix of sun and light fog. While new to riding in colder temp - it was 38 degrees on Monday, 43 on Wednesday and close to that today - I am really enjoying not having the wind. If anyone is familiar with Ellensburg you know it blows here a lot and normal training rides can be in 10-15 mph crossing headwinds with gusts up to 20 or more mph. Any chance to go for a ride without the wind is one you jump all over.

Here are a couple of shots from my ride today:


East Hill 11-30-08 09:06 AM

Beautiful! Winds in Ellensburg are murderous :eek: . Mr. East Hill and I always make a yearly trek to Fort Simcoe around the first week of August, and it seems as if the wind never stops.

East Hill

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