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scozim 03-29-13 05:20 PM

One week - touring in WA
I've been wanting to try some touring for awhile. I'm close (new wheels being built up for a bike I'm going to use), last parts of camping gear purchased. I was thinking of trying a few overnight camping trips to get a feel but today had a pre-planned trip in June cancelled. Well, what to do. I'm already marked off the work calendar for the time off so why not try a short 5-6 day tour.

Living in the central part of the state is great for a starting point. So, looking for ideas from those of you who have toured on places/routes you've liked and to stay away from.

adventurepdx 03-29-13 08:03 PM

I don't know that area well, but I did a tour around Mount Rainier last year and would go back there again. I think by mid-June things start to open up so you'll catch things before it really gets busy in the middle of the summer. From Ellensburg you could probably do a loop using White Pass and Cayuse/Chinook Pass.

scozim 05-03-13 02:06 PM

Mapped out a 316 mile route leaving Ellensburg to Wenatchee the first day. Second day from Wenatchee to Potholes State Park followed the third day to Yakima via the Columbia River and Hwy 24 and then finally home up the Yakima River Canyon. Chose a four day tour so that I could have some "peace" at home on the front and back end of the vacation - i.e. time with the family. If all goes well I've already mapped out a 480 mile route in Idaho and W. Montana for next year that would involve stealth camping.

Chose to utilize the 1989 Peugeot drop bar conversion hybrid now outfitted with new wheels and tires.

Now I just have to lock down the route from Hwy 97 to Wenatchee on the back roads so I can stay off Hwy 2.

toolbear 05-04-13 09:32 AM

You are close to the John Wayne Trail - tunnels, trestles, mountains and views. It has campsites developed at intervals along the trail in the pass area. Gets to be ballast and An Adventure east of the river. At the Rattlesnake trailhead you can hop onto the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. If you have skinny tires, the JWT is probably not for you.

You can check it out on


Wildwood 05-13-13 12:13 AM

I missed your initial post.
Two years ago I did the west to east trip, mostly on Hwy 20. If there is one area I enjoyed and would like to explore more fully, it would be North on Hwy 21 to the border. It might not have enough towns along the way for a comfortable, unsupported ride. I liked it because of the good road & lack of cars.

Mountain Mitch 05-15-13 05:41 PM

I really enjoy riding in the SE part of WA. There are some great stretches in the Palouse generally and especially near Pullman and along the Snake River.

scozim 05-15-13 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Mountain Mitch (Post 15629876)
I really enjoy riding in the SE part of WA. There are some great stretches in the Palouse generally and especially near Pullman and along the Snake River.

I know and love those roads having grown up in the Palouse.

Mountain Mitch 05-16-13 11:06 AM

We are heading down to ride in this area this weekend (near Central Ferry). Hope the weather co-operates!

backonthebike 06-26-13 11:38 PM

Moses Coulee
I just drove east to west from Spokane on Hwy 2 and thought it would have made an awesome tour ride. The Moses Coulee, ever seen it? At the bottom there are roads going both directions looking like ripe to explore, some kind of resort at Jameson Lake nearby for accommodations. Small towns about every 30 miles or so on Hwy 2. Also the canyon of whatever the river is east of Waterville, what a ride downhill that would be. And a nice old fashioned looking hotel in Waterville. East of Waterville is the whole Dry Falls area, Banks Lake, Grand Coulee dam, the whole area is calling my name. The Palouse, eh, ummmm....give me a little more terrain and geological features to ponder while I sweat out my bottles of water.....just saying

scozim 06-28-13 08:58 AM

I completed my tour in early June - here's a link to the write up in the C&V section

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