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Shifty 04-08-13 07:31 AM

Monster Cookie Metric - Spring Classic
Daffodils, green leaves, and scattered rain must be time for the Monster Cookie rides in Salem, Oregon!!! It's a great ride to start the riding season, kind of flat, very nice flowers and farms along the way and always a great group of riders. April 28, time to sign up and oil the chain for a great ride in the Willamette Valley.

NTP 04-08-13 02:55 PM

Signed up and ready. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

SpookyReverb 04-09-13 10:32 PM

A few friends and I are going to come down from Portland for the ride. I am really looking forward to it, I had a great time last year, hope we have similar weather this year...

rearviewbeer 04-15-13 02:58 PM

Hoping to make this one again this year. If not that means I am moving to a new house, and that is good as well. Weather did not start off well last year...

SpookyReverb 04-28-13 11:06 PM

Just want to say we had a great time on the ride this year. It really is well organized. We saw at least one cyclist down, car parked nearby and a fire fighter / paramedic at an intersection: I hope all is ok in that cyclist's life tonight.

Andy_K 04-29-13 12:47 PM

This is one of my favorite rides. I could have done without the wind on the second half of the ride, but otherwise the weather was great. The organizers always do an outstanding job.

It seemed like there were an awful lot of people with flat tires this year.

I saw a group of riders stopped beside a small green pickup whose owner seemed to be pointing to damage on his passenger door. That's rarely a good sign, but nobody there seemed to be hurt.

Rvav8r 04-29-13 10:50 PM

I rode this yesterday and I agree that it was very well organized. A big plus was the Monster chocolate chip cookie at the end. :)

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