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karenashg 05-03-13 09:34 AM

Wenatchee Apple Century vs Flying Wheels
I'm considering doing the Wenatchee Apple Century on June 1 as my pre-STP organized ride tune-up, instead of Flying Wheels on June 8 (I work Saturdays, so had to pick one, otherwise I'd do both). I'm just curious if people have done the Wenatchee ride, and what your experiences have been.

Bmxovich 05-03-13 10:12 PM

Curious myself, I'll be in Vegas during Flying Wheels. Did Spokane's Lilac Century last weekend, 5817 ft of climbing, and nursing sore sitbones. You might also consider the Inland Empire Century in the Tri-Cities May 11th. I'm giving it a go, has a good bit of climbing, was told around 4000 ft, we'll see. And hope to toss the Apple Century in as we'll, and would really like some feedback on the climbing etc.

Jeff Wills 05-03-13 10:53 PM

I'm going to do the Apple, too... but it's my first time. I've ridden in the Wenatchee area on easier routes previously.

Jasper Storm 05-04-13 06:03 AM

Do the Apple Century.

The scenery is much better, and has more of a "one day vacation" feel to it if you are from Western WA (as I am.)

The weather is virtually guaranteed to be perfect, unlike FW.

You can do the Flying Wheels route on your own any time you want,stopping for any needed food/H20 in Sammamish, Stillwater,Duvall,Snohomish,Monroe,Carnation,etc.

The finish line at The Apple Century is nicer, lots of grass to relax on, eating your food, which is included in the entry fee. Marymoor Park serves as a parking area, nothing more.

According to my Garmin Connect, The Apple Century has just as much, if not more, elevation as FW.

If you aren't leaving town on Memorial Day, give the 7 Hills of Kirkland a shot.

karenashg 05-05-13 09:47 PM

Thanks for the responses. I'm going to go sign up for the Apple Century, and probably do some or all of the Flying Wheels route on my own some other time, as I did last year (in addition to doing the organized event too. But hey, been there, done that...)

Thanks for the 7 Hills of Kirkland recommendation--I already have Memorial Day plans, but that looks like another good training route option to do.

Litespeedlouie 05-05-13 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by Jasper Storm (Post 15586680)
Do the Apple Century.

The scenery is much better, and has more of a "one day vacation" feel to it if you are from Western WA (as I am.)

The weather is virtually guaranteed to be perfect, unlike FW.

I have to chuckle, as many years ago I went and my host/buddy and I awoke to pouring rain. So much, we decided to can it and went shopping for his car stereo! The next year, again it started with a downpour. My new STI shifter got jammed under the bottom bracket with rain debris and I lost my lowest gear for the rest of the ride. It did clear up, tho. Maybe the only years it rained in the event's history for all I know.

I agree, the scenery is refreshing for those of us from "the coast." I rode the first half of the course to Leavenworth last summer with my friend.

Jasper Storm 05-06-13 06:25 AM

I did the Apple Century in '09, '10, and '11 (can't remember why I didn't last year) and the weather was perfect each time.

The old route went along the river (wind and traffic) then up to the end of Entiat River Rd.

I'm pretty sure they will stick to the new route that turns around near Nason Creek Campground.

Bmxovich 05-06-13 01:16 PM

Count me in, sounds like a nice ride. Just gotta survive the heat and goat heads for the Tri-Cities Century this Saturday.

karenashg 05-30-13 03:09 PM

Packing my stuff, and heading to Wenatchee tomorrow. I'll be riding my new-to-me old Colanago (black w/ yellow, and a chrome fork)--say hi as you zip by me. I'll either be fumbling around for my downtube shifters, or sporting the goofy perma-grin that riding that bike puts on my face!

nhluhr 05-31-13 10:05 AM

Apple is going to be 10 times better. WAYYYY more scenic and less traffic.

Bmxovich 05-31-13 12:24 PM

If the stops actually have cold water available, or here's a crazy thought, "a little ice"? It would be 10 times better than the Inland Empire Century. It was interesting climbing up Webber Canyon only to reach the top, have no water available at the stop, only half warm blue Gatorade. +90* temps coupled with the lack of water made for a miserable finish.

This will be a nice event from everything I've heard, and the perfect weather forecast!

Bmxovich 06-02-13 11:44 AM

Just a quick after ride report. It was an amazingly well run event, best I've seen. Great food stops with everything you could want to stay fueled. The scenery was fantastic, never a boring view. My Garmin shows a total elevation gain of 5830 ft, and it felt like it. Oh, the food included at the end was top notch as was the beer garden. I'll definitely be back next year.

karenashg 06-02-13 02:11 PM

I'll second Bmxovich--what a fabulous ride! Beautiful road surfaces, hardly any traffic, amazing and varied scenery, and a really fun challenge. I had barely gotten off my bike at the end when I was already talking about how much I was looking forward to doing it again next year!

I liked it way better than Flying Wheels--though it was a harder course, it was also a more fun course, which in a way made it easier. It starts out with constant gentle rollers that aren't too hard but get you nicely warmed up, then a very low-grade 12 mile climb out of Leavenworth (that was even more fun to scream back down than I thought it would be). Then you descend really steeply to Plain and swing by Lake Wenatchee (via more rollers). The climb back out of Plain was the biggest, steepest pitch of the ride, but there was a rest stop with snacks and water waiting for you at the top. It finished with lots more rollers back to Wenatchee--the only real steep one was encouragingly named Deadman Hill Road... And about when I would think "uphill again?" there would be a great view or a fun downhill to make it more than worthwhile. The course was well marked, and they even blocked out a lane on Hwy 2 for us in a few spots where the shoulder was sketchy or disappeared for a bridge or something. Great support and cheerful volunteers!

And yes, the meal and beer garden at the end were just what the doctor ordered. I can't wait for next year!

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