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Papa Wheelie 05-21-13 03:43 PM

Nampa, Idaho: Bob LeBow Bike Tour, June 8th
I participated in this a couple of years ago, and am going to attempt the Century ride this year. It is well organized; the routes are scenic; their aid stations are well stocked; and it is for a GREAT CAUSE.

The Zero Pay Fund is Saving Lives

The Terry Reilly Board of Directors established the Zero Pay Fund in February 2003 to advance two of Terry Reilly’s Core Values: "accessibility" and "excellent care that is affordable." Former Terry Reilly Medical Director Dr. Bob LeBow had long dreamed of establishing such a fund. His patients told him regularly of having to choose between buying their medications and putting food on the table. The Board recognized that even the discounted fees offered by Terry Reilly could be overwhelming to some of the most vulnerable patients, discouraging them from seeking needed care.

Proceeds from Dr. LeBow's book, Health Care Meltdown, initially funded the Zero Pay Fund. Continuing support is made possible by private donations, grants, and proceeds of the annual Bob LeBow Bike Tour—Health Care for All. Additional Zero Pay Funds will empower Terry Reilly to continue helping our most vulnerable neighbors.

Over the last nine years, the Bob LeBow Bike Tour has raised over $262,000 for the Zero Pay Fund. This fund allows the normal co-pays for our neediest patients to be waived up front, either for one visit or up to 6 months. These adults and children can then obtain the medical, dental, or mental health care they need with dignity and in a timely fashion, avoiding expensive hospital treatment.

Sign up here:

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