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gageplate 06-04-13 08:53 PM

route suggestion
Looking to do about a 55-60 mile ride this weekend. Anybody have any good suggestion. Leaving seattle to ?. Tiered of heading south so maybe something towards Issaquah or maybe north. Thanks for any ideas.

cwar 06-04-13 10:02 PM

The Lake Washington loop or is that one old hat?

gageplate 06-04-13 10:20 PM

Yea definitely old hat. Nice ride just have done it to many times. Any other suggestions.

woodway 06-05-13 08:00 AM

Lake Sammamish Loop.

Issaquah, up Zoo Hill down Lakemont and back

If you go north to Snohomish there are plenty of nice loops to do out that way combining the Centennial Trail with local roads, Arlington, Granite Falls, etc.

Ride over to Marymoor Park and follow one of the Flying Wheels routes.

Get on a ferry downtown or West Seattle and ride on Bainbridge, Kitsap, etc. Or drive up to Anacortes and ride onto a ferry over to the San Juan's. Mt. Constitution loop is a favorite.

Lot's of routes on Strava or MapMyRide.

Many choices.

TacomaSailor 06-05-13 11:50 PM

Sumner to Carbon River Ranger Station - 34 miles one way and great scenery
Take the train to Sumner and then ride the Foothills bike path thru Orting and on to South Prairie and then take the Carbanado-South Prairie road thru Burnett, Wilkerson, Carbonado and then continue on the Burnett-Fairfax Road over the spectacular Fairfax bridge then take the lower Mowhich Road to the Carbon River Ranger station where the pavement ends.

34 miles one way - good bike path and shoulders and spectacular scenery as you follow the Carbon River most of the way. About 1400' climbing

Nice food stops along the way and good restrooms in Orting and Carbonado.

Fantastic views of Mt Ranier and the foothills. The Carbon River Canyon above Carbonado is a great seven mile ride hanging on the side of the hill with precipitous drops down to the river - but lots of big trees block most of that view but provide great shade.

There are several alternate routes along the way - e.g. AP Tubbs out of South Prairie is a 0.7 mile 10% climb that gets you a lot of elevation quickly with no cars - or take the Upper Lake Mowhich road and climb another 1000' to where the pavement ends and you have a head on view of the Carbon Glacier.

I have several kmz files showing the route in various configurations

TacomaSailor 06-05-13 11:54 PM

Vashon Island Perimeter 50+ miles 3500+ feet climbing
Ride the perimeter of Vashon Island - it is almost 60 miles with over 3100' of steep 300' ups and 300' downs. Great scenery along the shores and from up on the high ridges. Lots of parks to stop at along the way. Route finding is a challenge and there are a lot of 10% grades from the shore back to the main roads in the center of the island.

I spend a lot of time over there and the cars are usually very friendly - except on the main road down the spine of the island.

MapMyRide shows the route to be 60 miles with 10 category 5 climbs.

gageplate 06-06-13 07:45 AM

Thanks TS. Any way you could send me a cue sheet or something for the summner ride? Not really familiar with that area but the ride sounds great. Coming from seattle. How far is the car ride to the start area. Thanks

Seattle Forrest 06-06-13 10:09 AM

Do you have access to a car? Mind driving out to the beginning of the ride?

I would consider going from somewhere in the lowlands on the Mount Baker Highway up to Heather Meadows, over Steven's Pass, possibly doing the Leavenworth Loop, L'worth to Wenatchee and back, or something along those lines. But I'm drawn to mountains, it's the reason I moved here.

gageplate 06-06-13 12:29 PM

Thanks SF. Would not have the time to do that this weekend. Any other ideas (local)? Side note, always enjoy reading about your biking trips. Thanks for posting all the pictures.

moleman76 06-07-13 07:25 PM

You could search or the other user-generated sites for trips in this area.
Cascade Bicycle Club's site has a collection of ride suggestions, including ones from other Seattle touring bicycle clubs.
This weekend - June 8 - is Cascade's Flying Wheels ride, starts at Marymoor Park. A variety of distances up to about 98.5 for the longest one - look at their site to find out where not to be riding if you don't want to be on the same road with several thousand others.

But, if you don't mind being on the road with them, start in Snohomish. Ride the Old Snohomish-Monroe Road to Monroe, go south through Tualco area, take a right and go west on High Bridge road. Go on west, staying near the river, then north on Springhetti road and back to Snohomish. Then, go west on 1st, and 2nd, under Highway 9, and on to Everett via Riverside, Riverview and Home Acres Road. turn south, head through the Lowell section of Everett and back to Snohomish on the Lowell-river Road. This will be about a 55 mile loop. First part is shared with the Flying Wheels route, the section over to Everett isn't.

klondike300 06-14-13 01:07 PM

Ride down, hop the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and cruise around the island or head down to the Poulsbo/Suquamish waterfront. Could also go to Kingston/Point No Point and back. Get all the miles you could ever want.

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