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E.S. 06-17-13 03:00 PM

Route of the Hiawatha - Rideable on 23mm slicks?
This weekend I'm riding the Route of the Hiawatha bike trail It will be a leisurely ride. My only concern is that my only bike is a road bike, currently armed with 23mm slicks.

Is the trail surface hard pack enough for skinny tires? All the pics/videos I see online of others riding it are on mountain/hybrid tires :(

Thanks for sharing your experience.

woodway 06-17-13 09:41 PM

I have never ridden the Route of the Hiawatha, but I have ridden the Washington section of this trail in Iron Horse State Park. I assume the trail surface is the same. Based on that assumption, I would not even think about riding with those tires. The minimum I would use are 28c tires, and 32c or wider would be better.

Jeff Wills 06-17-13 10:00 PM

Hybrids and mountain bikes are available for rent. I would not want to be riding narrow tires on that unpaved surface through those long, dark tunnels.

richmillswa 06-18-13 09:25 AM

I did this ride a few years ago on a rented mountain bike. It is a great ride, but I don't think it would be fun on narrow slicks.

stevemtbr 06-18-13 09:37 AM

23mm are going to be to narrow. It can also be muddy inside the tunnels so really a larger tire will be needed.

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