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rsoffar 06-18-13 12:18 PM

visiting seattle, looking for races
So im going to be visiting nw seattle for a bit in mid august and since Im going to have my bikes out there with me I figured Id try to find something to race while Im out there. I didnt find too much on bikereg for that area. Does anyone know of any weekly crits or basically any types of races going on out there? Im staying in nw seattle but will most likely have some access to a car to travel a bit further away if I need to.

On the other side of things Im also looking for some recommended spots to put the mt bike to use. Ill also be taking my prophet mx with me out there so any tips on where to take that out would be awesome too!


woodway 06-18-13 09:16 PM

Cannot help you on road races.

There are a few Mountain Bike races going in the area in August.

Two places to get MTB information:

1. (look on the calendar in august)

2. Look at the sticky in the Washington forum on, post in that forum if you have questions

jazzyrider 06-18-13 11:26 PM

Check out for local races.

On Thursdays, there is a local weekly crit at Seward Park.

On Tuesdays, there is a local weekly race at Pacific Raceways in Kent.

nhluhr 06-24-13 08:39 AM

The Thursday Weekly crit racing at Seward Park ends Aug29 (last race of the series).
The Tuesday Weekly road/crit racing at Pacific Raceways (in Kent, about 35min south) ends Aug27 (last race of the series).
Monday weekly kermesse racing at Pacific Raceways starts Aug12 and ends Aug26.

Sat Aug10 - Boston Harbor Circuit Race in Olympia (about an hour south)
Sun Aug18 - Carnation Circuit Race (about 30min from Seattle)
Sat Aug24 - Gig Harbor Circuit Race (about 45min south)

rsoffar 06-24-13 02:10 PM

great! thanks everyone, cant wait to get out there, always love my trips to seattle

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