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Andy_K 06-24-13 10:31 PM

Getting to the STP start line
OK, I realize this is an absurd time to be trying to figure out things like this, but can anybody give me some suggestions on getting to the STP start line?

My wife tells me she is not even remotely open to staying overnight in Seattle and driving me to the start line at the crack of dawn. I've put off planning long enough that if I get a hotel the night before I'd be looking at a 10-mile or so ride with my overnight pack somehow in tow, which I suppose is doable, but I'm not loving the idea. I could drive myself up and park at the start line, but then I'd have to get myself back to Seattle by 3 PM Monday. This seems like the best option I've been able to come up with, but I'm hoping I've just overlooked some better alternative.

Jeff Wills 06-24-13 10:42 PM

Buy a ticket on the the PWTC bus.

Shifty 06-25-13 12:46 PM

Jeff is right, this is the easiest way to go. The bus takes you to the dorm lodging at the University, which is right at the STP start area. I stayed in the dorm when I last rode the STP, it was fine, I had food in the room to eat in the morning while I was getting ready, a banana, yogurt and a roll and I was good to the REI rest stop. Avoid the fuss, take the bus, worth the money.

Andy_K 06-25-13 01:40 PM

The bus sounds like a great option. I've putzed this off long enough that I'll have to pay a late fee to get into the dorm, even if space is available, but maybe that's still worthwhile for convenience.

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