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Seattle Forrest 07-22-13 09:58 AM

Old Blewett Road is open once again...?
It closed for a bridge to be rebuilt last June, and was supposed to be open by November. But it wasn't. Even for most of this year you could see construction going on and the bridge obviously not passable. Two weeks ago, and again this Saturday, I saw no construction activity, no barricades, and it looks like you could ride or drive over the bridge. I haven't heard any official word on the matter, but it sure looks like the road is open again.

Old Blewett Pass is a fun and scenic ride, with almost no traffic, and if you do it north-to-south, you come through some great switchbacks at the bottom. You can make a loop going over "New Blewett" and back on the old road, or you can use this to escape traffic if you're riding from Cle Elum to/from Leavenworth.

Black wallnut 07-25-13 11:42 AM

Makes for a good century ride as well. Ellensburg > Dryden >Ellensburg. North over 97, south over Old Blewett.

scozim 07-26-13 01:00 PM

I saw that also at the beginning of the month while coming back from a Wenatchee camping trip. I assumed it was open. The first week of June when I did my short tour it still had construction equipment at the bridge.

woodway 07-26-13 01:12 PM

Looks like the bridge is officially open:

Issaquatch 07-27-13 11:55 AM

I rode over it in late June and it was open then. It is one of my favorite climbs; a nice winding road, lots of tree cover for shade, and almost zero traffic.

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