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Jeff Wills 07-23-13 10:33 PM

To the rider on the blue Cannondale
To the guy on the blue Cannondale that blew the stop sign on McGillivray in Vancouver, WA while riding no hands, without a helmet, and chatting on his iPhone. You waved at me as you went by. I wish I had stopped you, I have something you need to sign:

scozim 07-26-13 01:01 PM


RaleighSport 07-26-13 01:06 PM

Now I wish there was a like button on here.

J.Oxley 08-14-13 11:23 PM

Pure insanity.

RydeBig 08-29-13 05:16 PM

Yep, it takes all kinds. Sometimes its hard to remember that its the individual & not the mode of travel that makes us crazy. Sounds like if he was in a car he would be shaving & smoking & drinking his coffee all while being unaware.
yeah, fun times

100lbHustle 08-29-13 10:16 PM

I find this extremely amusing, because I have just bought a Blue Cannondale XD.

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