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dlester 08-08-13 03:45 PM

Marysville - Everett
I am a daily bicycle commuter already, though my current route is only 6 miles each way compared to close to 20 miles for what is going to be my new commute.

I am curious if anyone has any suggestions on where I should look (or even route suggestions) to go from N Marysville to the sourthern area of Everett. Depending on time of day, based on what I have seen on I-5, I could pedal the 16ish mile route faster than I could drive it!

clarkbre 08-09-13 12:13 AM

I know the area well...

No matter how you look at it, you're a bit bottle necked to get from marysville to everett. You have only a couple options but none of them are all that great. Options:

1. Ride through marysville, take the flats over the sloughs, get on broadway in everett and tie in to the interurban trail. That will end up close to the everett mall and 128th area near I-5.

2. Ride through marysville, tie in to the centennial trail and then take lowell river road or cathcart way.

I live in the silver lake area and have ridden feom my house, through the snohomish valley, up the centennial, down getchel to Bob's burgers on 88th. That route was 24 miles one way. Option 1 would be about 16 miles but you're riding about 3 miles along a narrow, 55mph highway.

Honestly, if you could possibly incorporate a short bus ride from marysville into everett you would be saving yourself a ton of miles and/or keeping your personal safety on the road.

Hit me up with a pm if you ever want to ride.

ngateguy 08-10-13 03:06 PM

529 from Everett to Marysville northbound if ok for biking. There is enough shoulder to ride safely crossing the bridges. Southbound there is a couple of spots that put you right in traffic and most of the cars are going 50 mph or faster. Taking the CT 202 from Marysville to Everett CC and riding from there might save your sanity.

RollinGeezer 08-12-13 01:56 PM

A good way to scout routes without burning gas or bike tires is with Google Earth (free download for just about all OS). Has enough detail to zoom in and see width, bike lanes, street markings, and some hazards. Still have to check it in person, but can eliminate a lot of wandering around. It gets updated sporadically. The new Marysville bridge area on State/529 is out of date tho.

dlester 08-17-13 02:15 PM

Thanks for the responses. This was my first week at the new job, but I am not yet moved over there so I am driving from my temporary living to work each day, and then driving back to Wenatchee at the end of the week.

I am seriously considering using the bus for part of the trip. I will learn more about that as I get up there. The interurban opens up just a couple or blocks from the new office, but I still have to get to it. I see people riding around Everett, but they are nearly always on sidewalks.

I have looked at Google Maps a bit, and seen some options, but that is no substitute for local experience. The people who live there always seem to know options that simply are not on Google.

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