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Tinacha2 11-01-13 09:41 AM

I'm new to this forum and just saw this thread.I was actually on the bus several months ago (I think it was the ST 545) when a biker had his bike stolen off the rack before he could get off the bus. The bus was very crowded and he wasn't able to get out the front door fast enough. I was telling the story at work and another coworker said he had the same thing happen to him in the U-district. So please be wary.

eschlwc 01-05-14 03:51 AM

sit or stand in the front and watch it like a hawk.

the bus recently crushed my front wheel. it was inside with me (i was taking it to a friend), and i had placed it down by my feet while sitting in the articulated section. while glancing at my phone, the wheel got stuck between seats as the bus made a turn (bent/articulated), and, like a trash compactor, i was left with a taco'd wheel and pure horror on my face.

the good news is i bought a new rim, reused the spokes and hub, and all was not lost.

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