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100lbHustle 08-19-13 12:41 PM

Looking for someone to ride with?
Hi, I'm looking for someone to ride with this week as I've just moved to Seattle and don't know any routes to take, plus it would be nice to meet some more people. I've been cycling for about 9 months now and I wanted to try out one of the cascade daily rides but they wont let me ride because I'm 15 and don't have any parent/guardian to accompany me, so I figured why not ask on the forums. I live in the Columbia City area fairly close to Seward park, so if anyone wants to ride let me know. Thanks

100lbHustle 08-20-13 01:34 AM

Anyone out there, there, there, there.... (echoing)

Wildwood 08-20-13 09:30 PM

Hello out there.
I'm near Issaquah and 4X your age. I've ridden around Renton and Rainier Ave when traffic is lighter, early weekend mornings seem best. My favorite rides are in more rural areas. Enumclaw or Buckley or Orting into the northern entrance of Mt.Rainier NP. I'm strickly a roadie but my son prefers Duthie park trails.

100lbHustle 08-20-13 10:06 PM

How are the roads up there? Anything of notable interest to you? I strictly ride road as well and was thinking about joining a club or something but I want to get a bit more practice in before I try out for one, plus there are age limitations for those too. I'm planning on doing the STP next year so that should be fun.

nhluhr 08-21-13 09:29 AM

Hey there!

Go check out the crit at Seward Park tomorrow night. I think there are only a couple more left this year before the series ends. You're also really close to I-90 which will get you to a terrific loop around Mercer Island. Just head across the I-90 bike path (entrance is from corner of Lake Washington Blvd S and South Irving St, right above the freeway). Once you get to the other side of the bike path, you'll empty out on West Mercer Way - either turn right and go counterclockwise around the island or go straight and follow the bike path until you reach the other side of the island, then turn right on East Mercer Way and go clockwise. East Mercer and West Mercer are the same road, just on different sides of the island. It's a really good route with reasonably polite/light traffic, good pavement, very few stops.

Even if you're not interested in racing, you can still join one of the many local racing teams, all of which are having "Meet The Team" rides starting now. Here's a calendar of which teams are riding when:

Some of the teams do really good Development programs - meaning they have good organization in place to mentor new riders/racers. One of those development-oriented teams is Union Bay Cycling. They do several specific things throughout the training season that are geared toward making newer riders more comfortable in a pack, and teaching them sound fundamentals of racing and training. Incidentally, you don't have to wait for the UBC Meet The Team ride - if you think you're interested, you can join the team ride on sundays, which leaves from the intersection of 25th Ave NE and the Burke Gilman Trail (next to the Silver Cloud Inn on 25th NE). This is right near U Village shopping center in the U District. The ride meets at 9am and will typically, during this time of year, be a 2hr endurance-paced ride.

codyjhc 08-22-13 12:33 PM

I work in the Bellevue / Eastgate area - just across I90. If you're ever in the area and want to ride shoot me a message! There are some good rides up where I live near 520.

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