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the puma 08-22-13 09:36 PM

anyone in PDX have a headset press I can borrow?
I'm swapping out my FSA BB30 crankset with an Ultegra, so I need to remove the BB30 and install an FSA sleeve (adapter so I can install the Shimano bottom bracket bearing), and I just don't want to spend $70+ on a headset press I'll use once. I'm prepared to make one with a long threaded rod, some bolts and washers, but if anyone out there in the greater Portland area has one they are willing to loan/rent to me, I'd appreciate it.

Jeff Wills 08-23-13 07:21 PM

I've hammered in headset cups with a 2x4 and a sledge. It's an all-steel Tange Levin headset, so it put up with that abuse nicely. If it were a better headset or a more delicate frame, I would go to Bicycle repair Collective on Belmont: to have it done.

the puma 08-23-13 09:58 PM

I ended up making my own crude press out of a 1/2" x 6" bolt, a series of washers including nylon and a bolt. It worked just fine, although a dedicated tool would have been a little easier. I installed the threaded sleeve without issue and finished the crankset installation.

PDXaero 09-06-13 03:17 PM

I wish you had labeled your thread "bearing press" instead of headset. I assumed my bearing press for BBs and hubs would not work for you because 60% of headtubes are too tall for it to be a headset press.
Otherwise I would have welcomed you to use mine, instead I did not read the thread until now.
My bad

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