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niuoka 09-09-13 06:00 PM

vintage peugot px10 for sale
I have no connection with this bike or the store where its being sold. But thought I would let PNW people know of this bike since many people collect old bikes. It is in a thrift store in Lebanon Oregon.
It is in rough shape and a frankenbike, but the frame is straight and minimal rust. It is almost rideable. looks like someone has been riding it.
It looks like the oringal crank, steering stem and handlebars and maybe front brake.
It has no derailleurs or shifters for it, it has some kind of modified rear brake. Its got aluminum wheels that say ...made in the usa. tires are ok, one is aired up , one low.
Its got 2 chainrings, and 5 sprockets in back, with chain sitting on front big one and middle rear. It has a leather saddle.
I did not get to flip it over to see how many numbers, to try to get a basic idea on year, but it does have the chrome on the lower front forks and back wheel dropouts, its white(cream) so I believe that makes it pre 74. Decals are pretty scratched up
they want 95 for it. I did make an offer, but they wont go lower
If I had the time and bucks, Id probabally get it and fix it up with spares I have laying around, but it would still be a frankenbike or get it to sell on fleabay either whole or part it out. I noticed on fleabay, frames alone are going for over 200. My back wont let me handle a road bike. ( I ride a more upright hybrid)

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