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1bluetrek 09-18-13 08:13 PM

Any riding around Chehalis?
Im going to be in Chehalis Thursday afternoon and most of the day Friday, is there any good road riding in the area? Never been there, and Im always looking for new roads to ride..

toolbear 09-18-13 09:38 PM

I will leave the roads to you, but there is the Willapa Hills Trail with a new trail head in town and paved trail out to Adna with several old RR bridges and such. There is another trailhead in Adna by the high school.

The floods took out the bridge beyond Adna. The state resurfaced the trail from the far side of the bridge over to Doty in 3/8 gravel. Very nice "soft surface". I stage out of Rainbow Falls State Park if I am going to be there a while. There is a side spur connection over to the trail.

toolbear 09-18-13 09:38 PM

Here is the traillink map and trail page.

1bluetrek 09-22-13 09:28 AM

Thanks for the tip T-bear. Took a little ride :)

Norcal02 09-22-13 01:19 PM

I live in Centralia, I moved from CA to WA a couple of years ago and only just recently (a month ago??) was able to get my bike up here. I still have yet to go on any rides that I'd even consider a "ride", but if anyone else is around here poking at the forums that lives in the area I could really use a biking buddy. I do not know anyone around here that regularly rides for pleasure/fitness etc., but I'd like to start riding a lot again. What I really want to do is the STP ride next year if I can handle it, but that'd be a lot of training in **** weather. FWIW, I'm almost 31 and have a blue '08 Cannondale Synapse SL3.

dbikingman 09-23-13 07:40 PM

Norcal, I grew up in that area. I could think of many rides, but the one down side for road riding most of the roads I can think of don't have much traffic. What do you consider a ride?

Norcal02 09-23-13 09:33 PM

Well, considering I mentioned that word "ride", I should define it huh? As I said I have been out of the saddle for a couple years, so almost anything over riding around the block would be a ride... lol. All kidding aside though, really, what I would consider my current "safe" range is bullhonkey. For now, I'd consider anything in the range of 10-15-maybe-20ish miles just to get my legs used to it again. Something that won't kill me, and I can do very frequently. I saw a link posted elsewhere here on BF that maps out elevation change and played around with it a little and found a small loop I could repeat. I think it was just like 10 miles, but would be a good step-off. I'm a small dude, 5'11 and maybe 150 pounds soaking wet on a heavy day. Quite honestly right now though, the shorter the better and I can just repeat in laps 'till I'm more comfortable again, and know I wont collapse into a puddle of jello on the street 40 miles away from home! The mini loop I mentioned that I was thinking of started at basically Yew and Main st, out Seminary Hill Rd to Little Hanaford Rd, and when repeated, connecting them with Gold St.

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