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ScottRae 09-27-13 01:29 AM

Old Sac to Folsom lake
Anyone heading out of Old Sacramento to Folsom lake, Sat. What shape is the bike trail in. I haven't been on it in a couple of years.

KenshiBiker 09-29-13 07:54 PM

Ummmmm. Shouldn't thus be in the NorCal subforum?

Btw - I rode from Folsom Lake to Old Sac (well Discovery Park) at the end of August, and I rode from Watt to Beal's Pt about a week ago. No problems with the trail. What are you concerned about? It's too early for localized flooding.

softreset 09-29-13 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by KenshiBiker (Post 16116055)
Ummmmm. Shouldn't thus be in the NorCal subforum?

Definitely the wrong sub-forum location.

I rode from Mile Marker 0 to Beal's Point yesterday (and back) and I ride the trail between Discovery and Watt/Howe as my nightly spin. No problems, issues or other oddities to report. There's some sketchy pavement when you get near the train tracks coming into Old Sac from Discovery. I also noticed a lot of pine needles on the trail when you get to the rollers south of Folsom but other than that it's "a-ok."

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