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eschlwc 01-05-14 02:53 AM

seattle: can't find a vintage winter project
i've been having a really hard time finding my next vintage project restore/rebuild. there's been nothing available on seattle's craigslist lately. a winter of discontent.

anybody out there have a bead on a 56-58cm '70s or '80s road bike that needs a major rebuild? if so, pm or email me. i usually look for the following:

- straight frame, butted/db steel
- matching fork
- nothing stuck
- cotterless crank
- on-frame derailleur hanger
- dt shifters
- alloy rims
- cheap!

if i'm being too solicitous or uncouth, i know you'll forgive me (or delete this).

cheers, all.

coolkat 01-06-14 12:36 AM

Yeah, I've been feeling the same way. Been on the lookout for a donor bike with some aluminum rims, but there's nothing under $100. Sorry I can't help with your quest, though.

eschlwc 01-06-14 04:43 AM

yep -- it's slim pickens!

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