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mtnbud 01-08-14 10:03 PM

Questions about Bear Camp Road?

I'm putting together some ideas for a summer tour and was wondering if anyone is familiar with the paved options involving Bear Camp Road out of Gold Beach to I5.

Specifically, I was looking at turning northward when BLM Rd 34-8-36 meets Galice Rd and then head east on Lower Graves Creek Rd to Wolf Creek. All the information I can find on the net has cyclists heading east when BLM Rd 34-8-36 meets Galice Rd passing Indian Mary Park on the way to Merlin.

I plan to head north along I5 by using Cow Creek Rd between Glendale and Riddle to head northward.

From what I can figure, If I head to Merlin, I'll be stuck on I5 from Merlin to Glendale. Lower Graves Creek Rd would allow me to stay off of I5 for a longer distance. Is there any reason why I should consider heading to Merlin rather than using the route I am looking at?

Thanks ahead of time for any and all information!


Edit: I searched a little differently today and found the information I was looking for - Lower Graves Creek Road looks like it'll work great. I'd still be interested in any information from anyone who has ridden these roads. I'd also like to know if the restaurant at Galice Resort is any good and if there are any other facilities along the route.

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