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mikbau 01-20-14 01:44 PM

East Lake Sam Trail - Parking
Hey all

I'm considering commuting up the East Lake Sammamish trail to Redmond - I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on the best place to park a vehicle. I've thought about the area near the boat ramp on the south end - it would require an access pass, which is no big deal, but I'm not sure how well they enforce the closing times of the park, as I wouldn't likely make it down south until around 6PM or so.


RydeBig 01-20-14 10:29 PM

So are starting in Kenmore? Which would be the end of BGT & the start of LST, If I have that right, parking along the road across from the Kenmore air habor. Pretty simple I would think. Not a good idea to park behind closed gates.

mikbau 01-21-14 11:51 AM

Actually, other side of the pond. Starting in Issaquah/Sammamish and making my way north to Redmond

woodway 01-21-14 12:00 PM

There is a park and ride in downtown Issaquah. Short ride to the trail from there.

You know the center part of the trail is not paved, right? It's really hard packed though. The road also has a decent shoulder once you get away from Issaquah.

mikbau 01-21-14 03:02 PM

Thanks - yeah, I know about the park and ride. It's already going to be a decent haul for me, so I was hoping to find a spot closer to the edge of the lake/trail - at least until I get a few rides in. There is a church across the street close to the boat launch, I may check and see if it's okay to park there - my only other concern for the P&R is traffic in Issaquah during commute time.

As for the trail - I did notice the hard pack - I'll be taking my MTB, so it shouldn't be an issue. If I find that it's too much of a pain, the shoulder/bike lane will be good

woodway 01-22-14 05:42 PM

Good idea on the church. I'd guess that during the week they would be OK with it - especially if you offered to make a donation to their youth fund or something like that.

Just for the heck of it I once rode the hard pack portion of the trail on my commuter that has 700 x 25c wheels and road slicks and it was fine. On a MTB you won't even notice the hard pack. Good luck with your commute.

toolbear 01-30-14 09:35 PM

We've parked at the boat launch facility in Jensen's Cove in the Lake Sam. State Park. Right on the trail. Plenty of parking.

draco_m 02-12-14 03:58 PM

We did that trail last summer. We bought a discovery pass and parked at the boat launch at the south end of the lake. Great trail access.

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