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RamAlaRag 01-26-14 12:45 AM

Centralia/Chehalis Riders?
Hi all,

I live closer to Centralia, but still over ten miles away.
Anyone from around here on the forum?

K3N 02-09-14 02:36 AM

Olympia here. Mainly Mtb in capitol forest, road ride too alot & commute. Would welcome any company on any ride

RamAlaRag 02-09-14 09:47 PM

Alright, sweet. I only ride road, and I am often in Olympia.
We will have to ride sometime.

K3N 02-11-14 01:16 AM

Yeah, just signed up for STP, plan on doin it one day, so most Saturdays will be a road ride from here on out. If you feel like joining just let me know

RamAlaRag 02-13-14 11:01 PM

I just did too, doing it in two days, because I think it will be fun that way. Someday I want to do it in one day.
let me know if you have any fun rides planned.

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