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Seattle Forrest 01-28-14 06:31 PM

Columbia River Gorge - how early is too early?
It's a weird year. I've heard it's been warm on the Oregon beach, and I'm guessing more like Seattle weather in the gorge itself. But it's been sunny here, plenty warm enough for me! So is it already a good time to ride there?

Are the winds seasonal? How much does that vary day to day? If I go down the next time the weather is nice for a weekend, or in the next month or two, is that too soon?

What are the best start and end points if I want good scenery, a 40 to 50 mile ride, and to take the old highway?

fietsbob 01-30-14 07:20 PM

I'll leave that data collected by the Hood Riverites .. to be researched .. they're closer

At least you dont have a pass over the Cascades to climb..

Cold air mass freezes on the coast , and it gets blown from Pendelton westward .. thru there ..

if the wind flow is dominantly eastward ..

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