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john.b 03-05-14 10:33 PM

The problem with solar chargers is that you are likely to be out riding during the best hours for charging, even assuming good sunlight, which can be iffy in the PNW.

I use my iPhone as my GPS, and get 7 full charges from one of these:

Seattle Forrest 03-06-14 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by Tesgin (Post 16552590)
You use a Garmin GPS. I'm curious what you do for keeping it charged on multi-day trips? Do you use a solar charger? If so, which?

Also, for SF or anyone, I'm curious about the tires you use on your Cervelo. Do you use 700x23? Any problems with that if you do? I ask cuz I got some info from Adventure Cycling and they rx larger volume tires -- 700x28!! -- for their tours. I imagine that that's cuz they are looking at week long (or longer) trips on a heavily weighed down touring bike. Your thoughts?

I don't do the same types of multi-day trips that you're talking about, although I'd love to change that at some point. For me, having that little thing you plug into the cigarette lighter in the car, and get a couple of USB charging ports out of, has been enough. I've camped with the bike, gone on a few rides, and been able to recharge the Garmin overnight this way.

I'm hugely interested in solar chargers, but now sure how well they work. I think some of them can sit on top of your backpack and charge their own battery, then you could fill your Garmin overnight from that? I think this one does that; I'm not recommending it, just giving an example.

I'm using 700x23 tires, I'm not sure my bike would take 25s. I'm using Conti Grand Prix 4000S, which are wide for 23s.

Probably they suggest 28s because wider tires are definitely more comfortable. If you're going to be in the saddle day in and day out, comfort is probably more important than speed (rolling resistance, weight, and all that). That's my guess anyway.

Tesgin 03-09-14 08:34 PM

SF, I'm curious: do u hv a consistent signal with your Garmin? Any problem areas where I should be concerned about not being able to find satellites? Signal loss?


Seattle Forrest 03-10-14 10:00 AM

The Edge has worked pretty well for me. There have been a few times when I've lost the signal for minutes at a time in deep canyons, but it's been pretty rare for the most part, and even then it's recorded 99 % of the ride. I've got a hiking GPS, too, and I have more trouble with that one in thick woods, but the road itself is a clearing and it's usually been enough to get a signal.

I spent the weekend in Leavenworth, and got some sun yesterday on the Icicle Ridge trail. There's a lot of snow, but it's melting pretty quickly. It was 60 F yesterday!

Crimsonghost 03-17-14 08:16 PM

Damn man! I just checked out your blog and there's some great stuff in there. Really inspiring me to want to get out and ride more. I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can go tackle some of these mountain rides (Leavenworth looks like a lot of fun).

OP; here's a thread I started a while ago that should have some more good info for you.

I just moved to seattle a few months ago and everyone here has been super accommodating and really helped me figure out some great riding. If your looking for something you don't have to drive to the lake Washington loop is a great ride. I've only done the top half of the lake, but it was still great (and pretty). Seing as your staying in Bellevue you could just head across mercer island (or ride around it (very scenic and pretty short)) and just follow the lake until you get back to Bellevue. That should be good for 35-50 miles depending on wether or not you ride the island.

Also, as a niners fan, that Seahawks comment hurts. :(


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